The History Of Harnessing Electricity From Witches [with Demetri Martin]

(dramatic music) – Seven AM, in the morning, Junior technician Robert Benchler Sr arrives for work at the largest power plant on the Eastern seaboard. He sits at his desk. It’s a usual morning for Benchler. But something very unusual is about to happen. Disaster. He quickly discovers the plant is minutes away from a […]

Cara Perbaiki Sendiri Kipas Angin Miyako Hidup Tapi Tidak Bisa Berputar

We try to check The fan motor is not strong enough to rotate Please, Try to note OK Well Okey Okay this time I try to check the problem Fan motor Brand Miyako, so this is Miyako The problem is this fan motor Can’t spin So later we check the cause of the problem why […]

This Metal Asteroid Could Reveal Secrets About Earth’s Core | Countdown to Launch

Lurking between Mars and Jupiter, lies the large asteroid, Psyche– one of the only asteroids that we know of, that scientists believe may be mostly made of metal, and researchers from NASA and Arizona State University will be sending an orbiter to it for the very first time. We’ve never explored a terrain like this […]

Space is dead: A challenge to the standard model of quantum mechanics | Lee Smolin

So let’s first define what we mean by being a realist. What I mean when I say I’m a realist is that I believe that there is an exactly understandable way the world is, which is independent of our intervention, independent of our existence, our knowledge. It’s possible for everything that happens in nature, to […]