Why Does Metal Rust? – Reactions Q&A

Well folks, you asked and we’re answering. That’s right we heard you. Peter Sterckx wants to know why do metal things grow. Well, here’s Sophia with an explanation. Corrosion is caused by a redox reaction, which is actually two simultaneous reactions in one: Reduction and Oxidation. (Oncscreen: 1) Reduction) A reduction reaction occurs when some […]

EChem Startup System and Electrodes, Electrochemistry eDAQ Potentiostat

Hello my name is Paul and I’m from eDAQ I’m here today to show you our ER461 EChem Startup Kit It comprises a potentiostat unit, an electrode kit, two software installers and a variety of cables When you receive your system please check all these are items against the packing list to make sure that […]

Quarter Panel Removal – MX5 Miata Rust Repair Pt. 2 – Underdog Garage

Hey, what’s up, this is Pete. Welcome back to underdog garage. Now You’re probably wondering why I’m in an office rather than the workshop right now. And that’s for a couple reasons. 1. It’s Really cold outside given that we’re in winter right now. It’s also snowing outside So trying to get over to the […]

Rocker Panel Removal – MX5 Miata Rust Repair Pt. 3 – Underdog Garage

Hey, what’s up, this is Pete. Welcome back to underdog garage We’re getting into part three of this Miata rust repair series where we’re actually going to be taking out the main structural rocker panel of our Miata so we have a lot of work ahead of us a lot of cutting a lot of […]

How To Remove Rust: Treating & Preventing Rust on R&D Corner from Eastwood

hey this is JR product manager for the eastwood company did you know rust cost american consumers twenty three point four billion dollars a year and maintenance and repair cost rust occurs when oxygen combines with moisture to attack the iron particles found in the house at least we have three methods to attack this […]

Cutit FOX KNIVES Black Fox Dipprasad – Full tang survival knife (FOX-BF-711); 440C Stainless Steel

A knife that I like a lot is coming from Italy, from FOX KNIVES cutlery. Fox Knives has many “divisions”. The knife I’m showing you today bleongs to Black Fox series (or division). Black Fox series and the knife’s name is Dipprasad. This is the box it’s coming in… …a nice box… And the knife […]

Car Rust Repair -How to Fix Rust Pits in a Fender with Glazing Putty & Rust Encapsulator at Eastwood

hi my name is mike i’m a tech here at Eastwood and we’re right in the middle of working on project resolution and the spot here on the fender needs a little more attention so today I’m going to show you how to mix spread and sand some of our contour glazing putty and the […]

How To Remove Rust on Metal Car Part Safely & Quickly

Hi I’m Rick, I am at the Chrysler show here at Carlisle, and uh….Metal Rescue is going to see if it can rescue my water pump housing, in about 6 to 9 hours and we’ll see what they can do with it. (Why don’t you hold this way, we’ll get how bad this is. How […]

Centrifugal Pump Restoration with Belzona 1111 and 1381

We work with heavy industrial customers throughout the States, quite varied and broad A lot of the problems that we deal with, they’re never, ever the same So that allows the entire company to come up with very unique solutions to the very unique problems our customers have And we really get to apply Belzona […]

How to Attach a Ladder to a Tank Without Welding

In this video, we will show you how to bond a structure such as a ladder or cell-phone antenna to the side of a tank Surface preparation was done using a grit blaster We made sure blasting was done correctly by checking the profile with the replica tape Next, we clean all of the blasted […]