How to Combine Text Lines + Replace Missing Fonts in Illustrator | VectorFirstAid

A common problem when loading PDFs or artwork files, even Illustrator files from external sources is that certain fonts may be missing. I’m going to close this standard Adobe dialogue and am going to first of all go to the VectorFirstAid panel to fix all known issues in this PDF. This will help clarify the […]

Neon Flame

CorelDraw text effect tutorial For this effect first we need to create a Brush We will use the “B-Spline tool” to draw the brush shape We will need a proportional shape to help us to create a proportional brush 🙂 So.. let’s create a polygon shape When you rotate an object hold down “Ctrl” to […]

How to Weld, Trim and Combine Objects in CorelDRAW

This video will show you the basics of the shaping tools or commands in CorelDRAW. The shaping tools allow you to take existing shapes and manipulate them to create a wide variety of new shapes from simple to complex. First, we will reveal the tools individually with some simple examples, and then we will put […]