this is truly a golden experiment in chemistry. you require acetone, a glass rod, nichrome wire and a piece of copper. first pour acetone in a large beaker. then take a piece of copper plate and hang it by a nichrome wire. place this nichrome wire in a solid glass rod. hold the rod and […]

HOW TO SOLDER COPPER PIPE – END FEED – REALISTIC Plumbing Tips honest reviews and advice Hold Tight and welcome to todays video, I’ve dug deep today because i’ve got Man flu I don’t know if you can hear, my nose is all bunged up so i thought istead of doing an insane video I was going to do a simple video on to solder […]

Vray Metal material tutorial in 3ds Max

Basic materials such as chrome, copper and brushed steel are easy to create in V-ray. Let’s start by creating standard VrayMtl, for our chrome. Assign the material to an object. In the reflection section set the color from black to pure white. The refl.gossiness controls the blurriness of the reflections For regular chrome material with […]

Electrolytic Refining of Metals | #aumsum

Our topic for today is Electrolytic Refining of Metals. Nice Jacket. Thank you. Hey. My Jacket. Our last participant is Mr. Smart. Electrolytic refining is the process of obtaining pure metals like gold, silver, copper etc. by the process of electrolysis. Electrolytic refining of copper. Take an electrolyte of acidified copper sulfate solution. Take the […]

Casting Metal for a METEORITE RING

In today’s video We are working with Patrick Adair Designs to make some amazing ring stock using melted bullet shells real meteorite and titanium Hey guys today we are here with Patrick from Patrick Adair designs Patrick. What does your company do so I’m a ring maker? I love making rings and I have a […]

Copper Sulphate and Graphite Copper Electrodes

Let’s see how copper sulfate undergoes electrolysis. And we’ll also try to see how the nature of electrodes plays a very important role in the formation of the products. So let’s start by using inert electrodes. So we carry out the electrolysis of copper sulfate solution. And we use platinum or graphite electrodes. Both are […]

Will Liquid Metal Cast in Clay?

Guys, Welcome back! I’m Nate with The King of Random and today we are going to try casting molten metal in clay. In the past, we have tried casting molten aluminum in a few different things We’ve used muffin tins. We’ve used plaster, and we’ve tried using sand. We’ve had mixed results with the sand. […]

Metal Refining & Recovery, Episode 23: Recovering Inquart Silver

Alright everyone welcome at Cody’s lab so in this bucket is the liquid that is the result of adding dilute nitric acid to the silver gold alloy, so this liquid contains mostly silver nitrate a little bit of copper nitrate and a trace of palladium and I think today I want to extract the silver. […]

Electricity and Magnetism Course

Hello and welcome guys to my channel; EEC-Education. The House of Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Computer Engineering. Don’t forget to subscribe and like this video. And let’s Start. Today, I will start my First course which is Electricity and Magnetism. It is a very interesting topic and a good start for anyone interested in this […]