Remote Control Lighting for Homes : Electricity for Wireless Home Lighting

Michael Raines, Expert Village. Let’s see if we have any juice here. Take our trusty little test light, we’re going to turn the switch over. There’s two ways of putting wire into a switch. You can put it on these terminals or you can just stick it into the holes in the back. Not all […]

Sacral Neuromodulation by Dr Anup Gulati

Interstim Sacral Neuromodulation Dr. Anup Gulati MS., DNB (Urology) Senior Consultant Urology Metro Hospital, Faridabad E-mail:- [email protected] Interstim Therapy for Bladder Control (Bladder Control Problems) Urine Control surgery 15 years old male Patient is originally an anorectal anomaly with a neurogenic bladder. In 2008 he was recommended to do CIC and Mitrofanoff’s procedure which the […]

RoboRoach (beta) Surgery Instructions

At Backyardbrains video lab we bring you our newest exciting preparation the RoboRoach To get started, you want to learn how to build your own electrodes if you purchased a RoboRoach kit from us we included a few electrodes pre-assembled for you but as you become more advanced and doing more and more experiments you’re […]

DIY Soldering Station

When it comes to creating electronic circuits on a piece of perfboard, you will always need a decent soldering iron. Now i’ve been using my Ersa i-con Pico soldering station for two years now and it still works perfectly fine. But there’s another popular soldering iron/station manufacturer called JBC which supposedly sells the best of […]

How to TRAP Yellow Jacket Wasps Make Your Own It’s Cheap and Easy DIY it works

so this year we have Yellowjackets everywhere it occurred to me that those store-bought traps that we get have to be designed to be packaged and shipped and everything but what if we built our own larger traps so I started fiddling around today and using some cardboard boxes and I decided let’s create a […]

Reference: X-ray inspection of casting parts

My name is Ludger Ohm, I m foundry engineer and Co-Owner of Ohm and Häner in Olpe, Germany. We decided for a VisiConsult X-ray inspection system, because of a big project from India. As the train-gearboxes were big and heavy the challenge was the part handling. We decided for this customized top-loader solution that allows […]

plc siemens s7 300 training, Lesson3 Memory and Program Architecture

all user program objects are located in various organized memory areas of the CPU different variable areas are the basis for the communication between the program parts and the system we will now follow the course of a user program from the programming device through the various CPU areas of the user memory model the […]

How to Weld With a MIG Welder With Pulse Control – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): How to Weld With a MIG Welder With Pulse Control, Kevin Caron, The Voice: Hey Kevin, what are you doing? Kevin Caron: Oh, we’ve been playing around with this Longevity MIG Weld 250P MIG welder. Got the bottle on, got the gas hooked up, got the wire in it. Looked at […]

How to Use a Longevity MIG Welder With Pulse Control – Kevin Caron

(Text on screen): How to Use a Longevity MIG Welder With Pulse Control, Kevin Caron, The Voice: Hey, Kevin. What are you doing? Kevin Caron: Playing with an octopus. I put my plug on this Longevity MigWeld 250P MIG welder so I can fire it up and show you guys how it runs. But […]