pneumatic control valve.

Pneumatic actuators use air pressure pushing against either a flexible diaphragm or a piston to move a valve mechanism. The following photograph shows a cut-away control valve, with a pneumatic diaphragm actuator mounted above the valve body You can see the large coil spring providing default positioning of the valve (air the pressure acting against […]

Solenoid Basics Explained – Working Principle

Hey there guys, Paul here, from In this video we’re going to be looking more into solenoids and how they work. We’re going to look at permanent magnets and how to see their magnetic field. We’re going to create an electric magnet from a wire. We’re going to be looking at some real-world solenoids, […]

ValveMan: Weld into Place (multichoice series)

Most valves need to be disassembled in order to be welded into a piping system three-piece valves allow you to do this but the labor can be costly ValveMan multi choice series two hundred three hundred are available where disassembly is not required when welding into a piping system resulting in significant savings and labor […]