Fix Ball Joint(MOOG) to Lower Control Arm – Nissan press-fit Screw Type. Part 10/10

in this video we’re going to take a time out to replace the lower ball joint for the left side double wishbone independent suspension so we are finished with replacing the stabilizer link and the stabilizer bar support mouth so this will not cause any issue with the suspension before with the broken stabilizer link […]

How To Replace Upper Ball Joint – Dodge Durango (’00-’03) & Dodge Dakota (’00-’04)

Hey this is another video by Pet Rock and today I’m working on my ’03 Dodge Durango 4×4. And today I’m going to be replacing the upper ball joints. As you can see from this angle the dust boot has actually torn on the back end and it is gushing out the grease that should […]

TIG Welding a 4130 Chromoly Control Arm

Learn How to TIG Weld 4130 Tubing

4130 chromoly material is common in tubing applications, especially in racing or areas where you want higher strength steel. 4130 is a temperature-sensitive base metal, so we have to take some precautions when welding it. This is what 4130 looks like when you get it. To prepare it for welding, we actually will grind the […]