Metal and Wood Outdoor Storage Enclosure | JIMBO’S GARAGE

welcome to Jimbo’s Garage Good afternoon everyone welcome back to general garage well today. I got a good one for you We’re gonna be building an outdoor storage enclosure behind the restaurant they’re gonna be using it to Put a rolling BBQ and other miscellaneous things in super heavy-duty. Let’s get started All right, so […]

Occupational Video – Steamfitter-Pipefitter

(♪♪♪) Do you like physically demanding work that’s done in a careful, precise way? Do you have an analytical mind and enjoy working with very little direct supervision? And are you comfortable working high up? If you answered yes to these questions, you might be a perfect fit for a career as a steamfitter / […]

ANSI Z87 Eye Protection Standard – GME Supply

I’m Alex with GME Supply. Eye Protection. You might call them safety glasses. We’ve covered them before. We discussed lens color. We discussed what each is designed for. We even did some fitting videos. You can click right there to see the complete playlist. In this video, we’re going to go over what make safety […]

Vlog #5 – ABS & HDPE UV Resistance (Safety Helmet/Hard hat)

Hello Matthew Judson Technical Director at JSP Ltd One of those common questions we get asked about helmets is How resistant are ABS and HDPE to UV um thats one of the things that comes up commonly all of the matierials thatJSP are using and indeed other manufacturers are using out there is UV stabalised […]

Weld-Mask 2 Provides Versatile Solution for Welding Safety

Miller’s Weld-Mask platform gives users two lightweight, close fitting auto-darkening solutions. Both the Weld-Mask and the Weld-Mask 2 are ideal for sitting underneath a hard hat or working in areas where a traditional welding helmet is limited. Any time you’re tilting your head or bumping your helmet, a Weld-Mask should be considered. The Weld-Mask is […]

Auto Darkening Welding Helmet From UniMig (RWX8000)

this is the rwx8000 it’s an automatic welding helmet from unimig this helmet got four sensors for automatic switching from light to dark and back again keeping your hands-free for focusing on your welding you can adjust between shades 5 through 13 as well as the sensitivity and the delay and you can save the […]

Task Force Koa Moana | Welding at Sea

I feel like it’s important to not only build relationships with other militaries, but also within ourselves because if we can’t all fight as one unit when it comes time to it, or trained as a unit, or, ya know, help build as a unit, then when it comes down to needing to, then, I […]

Italco Welding Helmet Range

Today we’re looking at this range of auto darkening helmets from Italco. From welding to grinding each of these helmets is a lightweight design so you can wear it all day if you have to and they’ll even fit a big head like mine the auto darkening function is auto controlled so you don’t have […]

Multiprocess Welder Offers Portability for TIG, MIG, Stick

The Dynasty® 280 DX with CV, where portability meets multi-process. This machine is a multi-process version of the industry-leading Dynasty series. Having both constant curr ent and constant voltage output, this machine is able to weld TIG, MIG and stick processes. Weighing only 55 pounds and having convenient carry strap makes this machine the most […]

Manual materials handling on a construction project

[TITLE: Manual materials handling on a construction project] Kevin Gillespie: My name’s Kevin Gillespie. I’m the regional ergonomist for the Ontario Ministry of Labour’s eastern region. Banner: “University of Waterloo, Ergonomics Lab” Kevin: An ergonomist is a person that focuses on matching the demands of the job to the physical capabilities of the individual. Ed […]