The Secret Society of the Illuminati

– This week on BuzzFeed Unsolved we’re covering the Illuminati. Is is a real thing? What the hell is it? – It’s not a thing. – Alright, approach it with an open mind, let’s get started. – Great. – [Ryan] Shockingly, the Illuminati actually has a very real historical foundation. In 1776, in Bavaria, Germany, […]

Did Ancient Iraq Have Electricity?

In Iraq, southeast of Baghdad, lies Khujut Rabu. Over 2,000 years ago, it was the site of the capital city of the Parthian Civilization. In 1938, Austrian archaeologist Wilhelm Konig unearthed something there. He found a 13 centimetres tall clay pot containing a sheet of copper wrapped into a cylinder shape, encasing an iron rod. […]

Agenda 21, The Plan To Kill You – David Icke

now there was a a film came out earlier this year called Hunger Games and this encapsulated in so many ways the society where the global warming bollocks is supposed to take us through justification of course if you look at the the symbol of the film it’s the Phoenix the the the Firebird for […]

The Unknowns: Mystifying UFO Cases

I’ve never paid much attention to UFO sightings. I’ve read about the occasional incident but my curiosity never really expanded beyond those few cases. I just find that far too often the focus of UFO stories is on the mystery itself as opposed to the resolution of that mystery. Plausible explanations take a backseat to […]

The Incredible Alcatraz Prison Break

– [Ryan] This week on Buzzfeed Unsolved, we cover the thrilling escape from the famed Alcatraz Prison. The inmates who pulled this off did so by executing an ingenious and daring plan. And who doesn’t love a good prison break, right? – I do. Will there be tunnels? – You could say there was a […]