Stray Current Interrupter Device – SCID

– The following is a demonstration of the installation of a device that can prevent stray current damage from an incorrectly set-up arc welding machine. Previously, we have demonstrated how a simple operator error can lead to a situation where enormous stray welding current levels can flow through unintended paths in a facility, including the […]

Stray Welding Current Damage to Power Cords

– The following test demonstrates the results of the types of damages that will occur in a standard welding machine’s primary power cord if it is subject to an over-current event due to stray welding currents. The cord under test is an AWG gauge #10 with 4 conductors and type SOOW insulation. This cord is […]

The Problem of Stray Welding Current

– The following is a demonstration of one example of a common error in welding operations that can result in stray current flowing through a building’s electrical system. Stray welding currents are dangerous conditions that can occur when the secondary welding current from the power supply returns to the source through unintended means, such as […]