What Conducts Electricity?

Hi, I am Jared, and welcome to Fun Science Demonstrations for Young Learners. A little message, Morse code, are you getting it? Our big idea today is that electricity needs a path to follow and sometimes that path is easy to follow, and sometimes it is not so easy. Some things conduct electricity and some […]

Does Electricity REALLY Flow? (Electrodynamics)

This episode was made possible by generous supporters on Patreon. Hey Crazies. Welcome to part three of our series on electrodynamics! In part two, I made the following comment: We usually have a bunch of charges moving together in something we call a current. Hmm, I think that deserves a little more attention. If you’ve […]

What is electricity? – Electricity Explained – (1)

Electricity is vital to our civilization. So what is electricity and how does it work? To explain electricity we need to zoom passed the molecular and into the atomic level. Atoms are the smallest things we can kind of see, but not with the naked eye: Only with a scanning tunnelling microscope can we get […]

Electricity and Magnetism – Introduction to Electricity

Objects do not normally have a positive or negative charge. However, within the atoms of some materials, the electrons are able to leave and move to other atoms. When an object gains or loses electrons, the object can become charged. Some materials, like copper and aluminum, are called conductors because their electrons can easily move. […]

Chemistry: What is a metal? (Metallic Bonds)

Metals are shiny, malleable, ductile, and good conductors of heat and electricity. The structure of metals and the nature of metallic bonds explains some of these typical features. Metals are made up of positive ions closely packed together in crystalline solids. The positive ions are surrounded by a mobile “sea of electrons.” These valence electrons […]