Making Battlefield a Skill-Based Game – Battlefield 4

Since I’m still working on adapting to my new sensitivity—3200dpi at 3% in-game from 5000dpi at 7%, and my aim is still off everywhere, I’ve instead asked Hockey to provide some for me. If you enjoy this boat footage, I’d recommend looking at his channel, which will be linked in the description This video is […]

Tyler’s Electricity Program, with Alan Massengill

The demand for electricians is doing nothing but rising every day. Advanced manufacturing is the buzzword across the country, skilled trades is in very much demand and electrical, of course most everything runs on electricity. The skills that the students would gain would be troubleshooting skills, learning to critical think; being electrician requires to be […]

An (Almost) Comprehensive Attack Helicopter Guide – Battlefield 4

In this video, I will discuss the optimum loadout for the attack helicopter—yes, there is only one, general principles of engagement, and will provide a brief guide on how to engage every threat you will encounter, with a specific focus on the MAA, because people still seem to have trouble with it. I’ll not spend […]

DMACC Workforce Training Academy: Production MIG Welding

A career in welding provides tremendous opportunities. There is an immediate need for skilled welders right now. If you have a steady hand, a sharp eye, and a passion for metalwork, this could be the career for you. Demand is high and employers are looking for educated people who can join metals to exact specifications. […]

Foula Electricity Trust

Isobel Holbourn: I’m a crafter in Foula, I came to Foula in 1956, and I’ve been here more or less ever since. So it’s about 50 years, over 50years I’ve been here, we had no electricity at all to start with then the very first electricity I ever had was we got a small second […]