Welding Machine Company Bonds Taft College Welding Students with Skills Training | Find It. Be It

Miller Electric makes welding machines for the welding industry. I’m on the Advisory Committee for the Welding Department at Taft College. i’m on the Advisory Committee to help them decide what is the best equipment to use, the most current welding equipment, and the best practices. I went to Community College and I took a […]

DMACC Carroll Campus Adds Welding Program

The Carroll Campus has also added a Welding program. They’re partnering with local industry, to offer a program that’s really popular and in demand. I’m in high school and I chose to do this program just so I could learn how to weld, and become a certified welder just as an alternative route. I just […]

DMACC Carroll Campus Now Has Welding

The Welding Program was put together approximately two years ago, in conjunction with Ankeny’s welding program. There was a need in the community. We had one of our business or local businesses approached us and said could you do this welding program that would fit our needs. I’m in high school right now and I […]

Jay Barr, Welding Instructor

As a pipe fitter and welder and the industrial setting group for quite a few years traveled quite extensively. One of the things that led me to be a welding instructor was the fact of being able to help people get to where I’ve already been. I was tired of traveling, working maintenance in the […]

COC Career Education – Welding

If you like building things, you like working with your hands, you like being creative, you like being around a team and oriented environment, a career in welding is definitely something you want to consider. Because there’s no other career out there right now that is in such high demand, that pays as well as […]

Non-Destructive Examination at Central Piedmont

Non-destructive evaluation technology is the testing of parts for defects or for qualities without harming the part. It’s used in all forms of manufacturing: construction, aerospace, the oil industry, power plants, automotive and shipbuilding. At CPCC, we cover the six core testing methods of non-destructive testing: ultrasonics, radiography, eddy current, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant and […]

DCCC The Future is Here!

The future is now. The future is you. The future is here. It’s computers. It’s healthcare. Robotics. Cybersecurity. Manufacturing. DNA research. The future is everything. The future is knowledge. Community. Possibilities. Hope. It’s about family. Having a career. Reaching goals. Finding your purpose. Your passion. Believing in yourself. Davidson County Community College. The Future is […]

An AT&T Aspire Contribution to Columbia College

♪ Music ♪ RANDY: The Aspire program is really amazing, it’s an investment in our kids. Our young people. Giving them an opportunity. I love the name Aspire, because it is giving to the people that would not otherwise have that opportunity to grow and become what they want to be, what they aspire to […]

Powerful Jobs Start Here!

Where do you stand in the workforce? At Western Nebraska Community College, we stand with you whether you’re starting a career… or building on the one you already have. Let us put your job prospects into high gear. Tuition is affordable, and financial aid options are available. Western Nebraska Community College – Nebraska, Colorado, South […]

ELA Welding Technologies

[MUSIC] Hi, I’m Janice Fisher with the Pitt Community College’s English Language Acquisition Program. After an ELA students reaches a certain level of proficiency in English, they need to make some decisions about their next steps. There’s several options right here at Pitt Community College to further your education and improve your job skills. With […]