Welding @ MPCC

Ready to right to work in your new welding career? With specialized training in welding technology at Mid-Plains you’ll be on your way to making more money. What’s the best part about welding? Probably setting yourself on fire. It’s fun, it’s unique, and it’s exciting. It’s a really good program. It’s a simple two years […]

Welding and Fabricating

If you’re good with your hands, comfortable with technology and able to create things on-the-fly, Kirtland’s welding and fabricating degrees can prepare you with skills so you will have career options as a welder, millwright, pipe fitter, research and development, automotive shops, tool shops, construction and many more. Kirtland’s state-of-the-art M-TEC facility in Gaylord features […]

COA Welding

I’m Rick Ward, I’m the Welding instructor here at College of The Albemarle. One of the most popular courses we have is Welding. We offer, uh, basic 16-week learning to weld course and it’ll take you through uh stick first then MIG then TIG welding. We knew back in the 90’s that there was gonna […]

Fabrication/Welding Technology

>>STUDENT: A lot of people think going to college just means sitting in a classroom. But here in Fabrication Welding, we spend a lot of time in the shop and so it’s like being in a work environment. Thanks to Lane Community College, I’m pursuing my dreams of a new career.>>ANNC: If you’re looking for […]

Bright Future

INSTRUCTOR: “Let’s see what you got Gus. Let’s see what’s shaking.” WELDING SPARKS BILL BESSETTE/REPORTING: “Everybody’s looking for that special spark…” SOUND OF WELDING BILL: “That sonic boom…that lets you know…” SOUND OF WELDING BILL: “This is the career for me.” SOUND OF HAMMERING BILL: “At Madison College’s recent welding open house…” SOUND OF INSTRUCTOR […]

Welding at SCTCC

I get to build stuff my hands, I get to use my mind every day, I get to strengthen my body, and you get paid a lot of money doing it, too. I took the time to figure out what I wanted to do and I figured out that welding was it. I looked at […]

Welding Machine Company Bonds Taft College Welding Students with Skills Training | Find It. Be It

Miller Electric makes welding machines for the welding industry. I’m on the Advisory Committee for the Welding Department at Taft College. i’m on the Advisory Committee to help them decide what is the best equipment to use, the most current welding equipment, and the best practices. I went to Community College and I took a […]

DMACC Carroll Campus Adds Welding Program

The Carroll Campus has also added a Welding program. They’re partnering with local industry, to offer a program that’s really popular and in demand. I’m in high school and I chose to do this program just so I could learn how to weld, and become a certified welder just as an alternative route. I just […]