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Green So you have arrived Why don’t you buy one more packet Raj? I have one stuff remaining And I’ll go chill at my place Cool Buddy you look kind of upset today what is the scene you look in hurry too And what kind of hair cut is this Buddy time was not working […]

Orange: Underrated Color in Menswear & How To Wear & Combine It With Classic Men’s Clothing

Welcome back to the Gentleman’s Gazette. In today’s video, we discuss the color orange, how you can use it your outfits to make the most out of it and look dapper. Recently, we discussed another very underrated color in men’s wear which was green. You can check out the the in-depth video here. Today, we […]

How To Paint & Set Up Your Spray Gun – Great Tips with Kevin Tetz at Eastwood Part 2 of 2

we can talk about the controls there’s an air control here is your fan pattern measure measure your trigger control down so i’m actually going to use this air regulator as well typically I don’t like an air regulator at the butt of the gun and it’s partly because my hands are small but it’s […]