Crab Shells and Trees Combine to Create New Food Packaging

– Approximately, one-third of the food that comes from farms for example, gets wasted before it gets to a consumer’s table. One of the ways that this problem is going to be solved as the population of the planet grows is using packaging. What our research is trying to do is to create sustainable solutions […]

Merge sort algorithm

So far in this series on sorting algorithms, we have talked about 3 of the sorting algorithms – selection sort, bubble sort and insertion sort. And we have seen that these algorithms are not so fast, they’re all O (n^2) in average case. Now in this lesson, we’re going to talk about one algorithm which […]

Tyler’s Electricity Program, with Alan Massengill

The demand for electricians is doing nothing but rising every day. Advanced manufacturing is the buzzword across the country, skilled trades is in very much demand and electrical, of course most everything runs on electricity. The skills that the students would gain would be troubleshooting skills, learning to critical think; being electrician requires to be […]

Stray Current Interrupter Device – SCID

– The following is a demonstration of the installation of a device that can prevent stray current damage from an incorrectly set-up arc welding machine. Previously, we have demonstrated how a simple operator error can lead to a situation where enormous stray welding current levels can flow through unintended paths in a facility, including the […]

Electricity and Electromagnetism | NCEA Level 2 Physics Strategy Video | StudyTime NZ

– Hi, I’m Mattias and this is Hattie, and welcome to StudyTime’s Level 2 Electricity and Magnetism exam strategy video. – This exam focuses on the science behind electricity and magnetism. Where there’s two separate phenomena and together as electromagnetism. It’s really important for understanding the behavior of everyday objects, and it’s also ones of […]

Welding Technology- Applied Technology Campus Expansion

So the impact of the expansion would allow us to double, if not triple the size of the shop that we’re currently operating in now. Right now I only have 14 arc welding bays and 8 oxy-acetylene, and that would allow us to move to 36 arc welding bays and 17 to 18 oxy-acetylene. I […]

AP* Physics 1 Exam – Part 3: Electricity & Waves | RiceX on edX | Course About Video

NARRATOR: Suspense. Intrigue. Death defying acts. All in the name of physics. [CRASH] Come along as we take a peek inside preparing for the Physics 1 AP Exam from Rice Online. The amazingly talented Dr. Jason Hafner engages learners with his dynamic lectures, his gripping demonstrations, and his unmatched sense of adventure. He is joined […]

CCC&TI Welding and Career Connections

(soft music) Narrator- Thanks to recent funding from the federal Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement act, Coldwell Community College and Technical Institute has responded to local manufacturers’ growing need for skilled workers, particularly in the field of welding and fabricating. To help fill those workforce needs, CCC&TI has upgraded the welding lab […]

Construction Electricity

I’ve always had a very curious mind as to how things work. How they’re put together, how they come apart, and how they can be repaired. Not only is it wiring, about lights and switches. There’s a lot of theory that goes behind throwing those boxes in the walls: sizing your wires, bending pipe. I […]