OMG! I Found A Huge Silver Treasure Hoard Metal Detecting!

I am having a great day. I am out here hunting Civil War relics or whatever else I may be able to find in the water I was hunting down this shoreline finding a few bullets here an there And I started digging a lot of junk and stuff I have my Garrett AT Pro […]

Metal Detecting And Camping On The River: Part One

We’re off on another adventure We are in the heart of gold country a lot of gold mines all around these hills where I’m at And the Civil War battles were fought right here too and there’s camps nearby Probably so there’s a chance we could find some Civil War stuff, but we’re going to […]

Metal Detecting Gettysburg

New adventure today. I’m up here with Roman again and we’re gonna go digging on a brand new spot he’s never been here, I’ve never been here. Just came through the gate and we’re playing with the machines a little bit and Roman got this big iron signal. He said he don’t want it so […]

GAME ROOM TOUR – 7,000 Games + 50 Systems – METAL JESUS ROCKS

– Hey guys, Metal Jesus here, and today I am excited to bring you my updated game room tour. Now I have a little over seven thousand games and also over 50 different systems, and you guys have certainly noticed in my videos that as the collection has grown, I have rearranged and updated my […]

CASSETTE Collection Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, AOR. Video di Tomas Ticciati

Benvenuti a tutti vintage maniaci di YouTube per un nuovo video del mio canale questo sarà un video non Cinematografico Bensì un video musicale un video che andrà a prendere una per una tutte le musicassette che ho messo via Diciamo dal 2002 al 2008 perché in quel periodo era un grande fissato il grande […]

Snorkeling a Hidden Waterfall – I Found $203 Oakleys Underwater! (Crystal Clear Water!!!)

What’s up guys. Here we are at a brand new location check this out. This is my uncle Steve. It’s my cousin Blake. People here like this all the time pretty much right. Steve: Right in the summer. Yeah. Dallas: I mean it’s a constant flow of people so the chances of there being stuff […]