Cold welding

Cold or contact welding is a solid-state welding process in which joining takes place without fusion/heating at the interface of the two parts to be welded. Unlike in the fusion-welding processes, no liquid or molten phase is present in the joint. Cold welding was first recognized as a general materials phenomenon in the 1940s. It […]

Cold Welding in Atmosphere (vacuum tests to come)

Hi everyone, welcome back to Cody’s lab. So I have a couple of pieces of metal right here. As you can see, they do not stick when I put them together, but if I put them together and I give it a slight twist, it is stuck fast. In fact, they are cold welded to […]

DIY Corner Clamp / Jig (Updated Version Available) Superseded

I have already started on this project but thought other people might be interested I’m going to make a corner clamp Just a piece of metal. I can use regular C clamps like this Clamp stuff to it at 90 degrees which is useful This is 8 x 8 inch that I made a while […]

Lec 40 – Cracking of Welded Joints II: Cold Cracks

hello i welcome you all in this presentation this presentation is the second part of the last earlier presentation about the cracks in the welded joints in the last presentation i have talked about the two types of the cracks and their remedial methods these were the solidification cracks and the liquefaction crack solidification crack […]