Metal Detecting | Digging In The Dirt

Hey, we got snow on the ground here in Colorado and our season is definitely shutting down I was able to get out yesterday for A little bit. I’ve had the simplex out twice now Look forward to some videos coming out on that very soon. Ain’t know a lot of people ask me DK […]

I Went Metal Detecting & You Won’t Believe What I Found… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

(dramatic music) (edm/club music) (female speaking) – They don’t call me DJ Tom Tom for nothing. – See? (laughs) – So I’ve always wanted to go treasure hunting. What kid has never wanted to go on a treasure hunt? Today, we’re going to go on the ultimate treasure hunt. I bought this, I shipped it […]

WW2 Metal detecting – German glass mines everywhere!


Today I’m on pasture (old) the grass is very high in the back there is Stan I’m his guest today I’m with the Nokta Makro Simplex program: Field gain almost full power one stripe off the only thing I did was a ground balance and that’s it its an iron signal but lets see what […]


One Guilder Almost new piece of a zipper a Bahco cupboard button What do you have?….a cupboard button or something a coinspill? I’ve got a Dirk coin those are the easy ones sacha found a pendant Sacha is doing well …. just 2 euros and now a pendant that is a nice one! I think […]

OMG! I Found A Huge Silver Treasure Hoard Metal Detecting!

I am having a great day. I am out here hunting Civil War relics or whatever else I may be able to find in the water I was hunting down this shoreline finding a few bullets here an there And I started digging a lot of junk and stuff I have my Garrett AT Pro […]

Roman Discoveries Si & Nicola White – Metal detecting & Mudlarking

Well the Sun’s just peeking through, out comes this little Tudro, I believe – button. Great condition maybe it’s a bit later I don’t know but I wonder if that’s silver or not or does it just pewter great condition though, happy with that nice probably 17th century now thinking about it Little Tudor or […]

NEW Coin Ring Folding Tools! Hardened Stainless Steel Stabilizer Folding Cones and Spacer Set!

hey guys Martin from Coin Ring USA and today I want to demonstrate the latest rollout of my coin ring folding tools, what I call the forever folding cone and spacer set because finally; these are machined out of hardened wear resistant stainless steel you guys asked and I listened after many requests this is […]

GC-1023 Strikes Again – Metal Detecting River Banks

The location looks like this :). I wanted to take the XP Deus with me, but there is a huge power line near by (the 11″ coil is EMI prone). I then wanted to take my smaller 9″ Deus coil, but it didn’t want to charge! It’s probably damaged – awesome… And here is the […]

First Metal Detecting Hunt of 2018 – Found Silver!

Hey everyone its Rob with Rob finds treasure and today was a good day but it said it was gonna get about 60 to 70 degrees come noon so I got my metal detector out just to kind of get my detector set do a little clad coins search pull out some finds just to […]