Making Coke Fuel for Melting Metals

Welcome back to Householdlabs. In the past I’ve tried to melt brass and copper with steel cans and clay graphite crucibles; neither have worked so far. I’m using coal as my fuel source, which burns really hot, but at a certain temperature, it starts releasing a tar-like substance which seals the coal together and resists […]

Inside Germany’s Most Harmful Energy Source: Brown Coal Blues

Solar power could be the answer to aging electrical grids

This is about trying to take control of how our lives are wired. In these backlands of northern Guatemala, you can actually see where the energy grid stops. The power line runs by the road until, suddenly, it just doesn’t. And, out past this point, people’s homes work without the modern conveniences that most urbanites […]

The Unseen Costs of Coal-Generated Electricity

US coal policies are contradictory. Some policies encourage the use of coal power through tax funded subsidies while others discourage coal use through regulation. American taxpayers paid nearly $1 billion in subsidies to the coal industry in 2013. This means Americans pay for electricity twice, once when they pay their electricity bill and again when […]

Where Your Electricity Comes From

When you turn on the lights in your house or plug in your smartphone charger or even charge your electric car, do you know where your power is coming from? Electricity is something we don’t think about very often until we don’t have it or the cost of it goes way up. In the United […]

Using Coal to Generate Electricity

In a thermal power station, like the Boundary Dam Power Station near Estevan, coal is burned in a boiler to convert water to steam. The steam goes into a turbine, which turns a shaft. This shaft is connected to a generator that makes power as it turns. A condenser converts the spent steam from the […]

Electricity from Coal Helps Me Provide Jobs (TV)

AOA Products is a packaging company. Every piece of equipment in my shop runs on electricity. It needs to be plugged in. If it’s not, it doesn’t work. There would be some very hard decisions for me to make if the energy costs went up. I would have to let some of my employees go. […]

TNB Buzz: Electricity Power Generation in Malaysia

electricity power generation in Malaysia electricity is generated by converting various forms of energies into electrical energy one of the most common methods is using kinetic energy to rotate a magnet surrounded by coils of wires to generate electrical current in order to create the kinetic energy needed to rotate the magnet various energy resources […]

Jason Brown – Price of Electricity

Rob McClendon: Well, the U.S. energy boom has wiped out predictions made not so long ago that America’s demand for energy would make us vulnerable to unstable governments halfway across the globe that put simply, just don’t like us very much. Last year, domestic energy production fulfilled nearly 85 percent of U.S. demand, changing the […]

Barry Smitherman – Electricity Generation Mix

What are the different fuels that we use to make electricity? In America, 50% of the electricity comes from coal, 20% comes from Natural Gas, 20% from Nuclear, and about 6% or 7% from Hydro, and then 1% or 2% from Sun and Wind. Unfortunately Solar and Wind are rounding errors today when it comes […]