[Electronica] Melting Order – On the Run [ʜ/ʀ]

Good evening Heard. Your signals are coming in fine tonight What about vibration? A radio transmitter could coordinate the movement of the troops to keep an unbroken contact between our forces on the ground, in the air and on the sea You wanna run, you wanna run away You wanna run, you wanna run away […]

⋒ How sport is merged with technology: Nacsport

THE NAC Sport is a software that allows real-time analysis overlapping images to compare statistics snapshots the software offers a number of features that seem designed to football however … is not the case the large number of applications in the world of football that have this program has become one of the favorite toys […]

Ellis’ Precious Metal Club Vlog! – IT’S FINALLY HERE!

ellis’ precious metal club t-shirts now available in the merch store! be sure to follow the main channel as well as jake’s cath’s ellis’ and alex’s channels on twitch for regular live streams! links in description! This is Ellis’s Precious Metal Club Vlog! This is not going to be a typical vlog because we thought […]