The Carbonaro Effect – Fastest Melting Ice Cream (Extended Reveal) | truTV

I haven’t had regular ice cream in so long. I always just get the frozen treat. Stephanie: Oh, what’s that? It’s made without any sugar. Oh, okay. Yeah, it has — Man: You’re the only one who eats this stuff. Oh, really? Man: I don’t know how long we’re gonna carry it. Well, it does […]

How To Split And Merge Your Video Clips On YouTube

Hi this video is about how to split and merge your video clips on YouTube Do you want to remove a section of your video on YouTube? Do you want to split your video into several videos clips then merge them together to create a new video? The YouTube video editor allows you to edit […]

Searching the ocean depths – the ??Canadian Diver – #WeAreNATO

So many people spend so long looking at the surface of the ocean, but what’s underneath the surface of that water I want to go find out! Normally it is quite quiet. It’s sort of an added benefit, I think, to diving, like you’re weightless, it’s quiet. Sometimes it feels like you’re on the moon. […]

Plasma Cutter in Ultra Slow Motion at 30,000 Frames Per Second [ Quick Clip ]

Welcome to this Quick Clip episode of warped perception. I was scrolling through the comments. Of our electricity and water video the other day. And I noticed. That some people were talking about. Electrical arcing. Ions. And plasma. And it just so happens. Recently I filmed my plasma cutter. At 80 amps. Cutting through some […]