Why Greenland Ice Melt Is VERY BAD

What Happens If All The World’s Ice Melts?

Waterworld is one of my favorite movies… okay to be fair I haven’t seen it since I was like ten. But besides Kevin Costner with gills, what would that kind of a world look like? What happens when all the ice melts? Hi everyone Julia here for Dnews Lots of headlines warn about melting ice. […]

Antarctic ice melt: What’s the difference?

You’ve heard that Arctic sea ice is melting You know that’s a big deal for climate change But what have you heard about the Antarctic? Most of us probably think that the Arctic and the Antarctic are pretty similar One’s at the top with polar bears, one’s at the bottom with penguins They’re both cold […]

What melting sea ice means for life in the Arctic

A funny thing happens if you travel north in January. Go far enough and it gets dark in the middle of the day. This is what the brief winter daylight looks like in northern Norway. That’s where I meet up with a team of researchers bound for the Arctic Ocean. I’m Eli Kintisch and I’m […]

Massive Melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet as the Arctic Sizzles

Skywatch Media News for August the 6th 2019 here’s what’s happening when you picture Greenland you most likely visualize a vast country that is both harsh and icebound our generation never considered the possibility that this massive land would one day be strewn with melted ponds and where once small streams would suddenly be transformed […]

Greenland Goes Green: Ice Sheet Melted in Four Days

JUDY WOODRUFF: Now: a scientific puzzle over the melting of one of planet Earth’s largest sheets of ice. Margaret Warner has our story. MARGARET WARNER: This week, NASA announced a surprising finding. Earlier this month, the surface of the ice sheet covering Greenland melted more widely than has been seen in 33 years of satellite […]

Ice and fire: How burning forests can help melt ice sheets

On the western edge of the Greenland ice sheet there’s a stretch of dirty grey ice known as the dark zone 400km long and 100km wide this dark zone is melting somewhere between double and ten times the rate of the white ice around it For a while, scientists thought it was a frozen relic […]

What Happens If The Polar Ice Caps Melt?

From its affect on the land, to its effect on all life on Earth, join us as we reveal to you what would happen if all the ice on the Earth melts. 10. Proves Global Warming Is Real Believe it or not, there are some people in the world right now that still don’t believe […]