Rowan climate scientist leads research into Greenland ice melt

The melting of the Greenland ice sheet is off the charts today. What we found with our ice cores is that it’s melting today more than at any time within at least the last three and a half centuries, and probably, melting more today than any time in the last seven to eight thousand years. […]

UK Superstorm Path Update! Models show Hurricane Maria & Lee to Merge – Track for UK

A storm, formed by the confluence of two destructive hurricanes, which devastated the United States, is approaching the north-west coast of Great Britain. The meteorologists have already named it “Brian”. Scientists are not yet saying with certainty what will happen to the cyclone upon its approach to the shores of Britain. Contrary to initial forecasts, […]

When ice melts, polar bears use 5x more energy to swim instead of walk

The sea ice is melting several hundred kilometers off of the coast each summer. As the sea ice melts, we’re finding that the polar bears are having to swim more and more both in frequency as well as in distance. What my research did was to estimate the metabolic rate of a swimming bear using […]

What If All The Ice Melted In Antarctica?

Antarctica. The Underside of our Fair Planet. Did you know that down there, right at the southern tippity point – is over 26.5 million cubic kilometres of ice, jammed up and packed together in an absolutely colossal ice sheet that comprises the frozen continent. Now – in a completely hypothetical apocalyptic scenario – imagine that […]

What If All The Ice Melted On Earth? ft. Bill Nye

You’ve likely heard about the effects climate change is having on our planet and specifically in the Arctic which is warming twice as fast. But what would actually happen if all the ice melted on Earth. Bill: I can help with that! When you and I drink water We drink non-salty water, we drink fresh […]

A 700-year-old Glacier Has Melted Due to Climate Change

Blue glaciers are a trademark of Iceland, a Northern country, 11% of whose territory is covered with ice. But glaciers have started to disappear, and there’s a possibility that soon, they’ll vanish altogether. Okjokull (O.K.youl-queul) glacier was formed about 700 years ago. According to NASA, in 1901, it stretched for 15 square miles and had […]

Unprecedented Natural Disasters in a Time of Climate Change: A Governors Roundtable

MICHELLE WILLIAMS: Welcome to the forum, livestreamed worldwide from the Leadership Studio at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. I’m Dean Michelle Williams. The forum is a collaboration between the Harvard Chan School and Independent News Media. Each program features a panel of experts addressing some of today’s most pressing public health issues. […]

Wood pellets, electricity and climate change

(Music in the background) welcome back. don’t you just love a log fire. it’s so warm and cozy so and in the country it can be quite vital. we use wood that’s from wind fallen trees and from trees that have been cleared and it can be pretty vital particularly in winter out in the […]

This Natural Gas Plant Has Achieved Zero Emissions

For millions of years the earth has been perfectly good at absorbing carbon dioxide our forests seas and streams suck the gas up acting as natural carbon sinks that was until humans came along and tipped the scales if we Continue to burn fossil fuels at ever rising rates We could warm the planet by […]