Melting SALT in a Furnace

Hey guys, I’m Nate welcome back to the dome where today! We’re gonna be doing some experiments using salt and seeing what happens if we melt it down in our foundry some other channels have already Done some experiments using molten salt, and I figured it was our turn to give it a shot so […]

How To Repair Clearcoat – Kevin Tetz Shows the Best Way To Fix Paint – Pt 2 of 3 – Eastwood

we’re ready look at the pattern that has here i’ll do another one here but you can see that it’s tiny it’s tiny the atomization is tiny but it’s a really nice product it’s very focused which is another good reason for us to do this repair with this product so here we go I’m […]

How to Trim Dip Tubes {Simple Secrets}

Trimming Dip Tubes on Pump Tops & Sprayers Our Secret Starts with Quality Ingredients: Crafter’s Choice® Plastic Bottles, Crafter’s Choice® Pump Tops, Crafter’s Choice® Sprayer Tops, Crafter’s Choice® Ready to Use Bases Ever wonder why dip tubes are so long? They are designed this way to ease shopping. It allows you to buy one type […]

How to switch the visor on your HJC motorcycle helmet

Alright today I’m going to show you how to remove the visor and replace it on a CS-R2 helmet. This is the matte black version. Anyway just take the visor, lift it all the way up, and then right here there’s this little thing that you press. And then the visor itself will lift up […]