Scientists Accidentally Discovered Quark Fusion, Could It Be the Future of Energy?

What’s ten times stronger than nuclear fusion!!? QUARK FUSION!! The particles that make up the neutrons and protons inside of atoms are known as quarks. And researchers found that when quarks bind together, energy is produced. Scientists have already been smashing together particles at the Large Hadron Collider but that’s been with hydrogen atoms, not […]

Greenland’s big melt: a journey to the frontier of climate change | Meaningful Pursuits

When people want to understand climate change, this is one of the first places they come to. Ground zero – Greenland. Temperatures here have warmed twice as fast as the rest of the planet. And the water coming off of Greenland is the single biggest contributor to sea level rise anywhere in the world. I’ve […]

Solar power could be the answer to aging electrical grids

This is about trying to take control of how our lives are wired. In these backlands of northern Guatemala, you can actually see where the energy grid stops. The power line runs by the road until, suddenly, it just doesn’t. And, out past this point, people’s homes work without the modern conveniences that most urbanites […]

How Electricity Works & The Energy Transition to Renewable Energy | Schneider Electric

Electricity Bill Goes From $700 to $1.77 with HERO Program HVAC Financing

I’m Duane Baker and this is my wife, Mary. We’re here in Temecula, California. Our air conditioning system needed to be replaced. It had been repaired twice already and was getting ready to go again. Our old system was so inadequate. I would struggle with shutting it off at night when it was still very […]

Future Electricity Generation & High Density Battery – Disruptive Tech Series Part 5

hi welcome to part 5 of our five-part series on the most disruptive technologies from different industry sectors so we already talked about spaceflight transportation biotechnology and computer related technology and what is still missing energy of course so stay tuned to find out and again this is just our opinion what are the five […]

How We Turn Solar Energy Into Electricity

I have a very distinct memory of tv telling me, “every hour the sun beams enough solar energy to power our planet for a year.” Solar power, however, has yet to deliver on this promise from my children’s television. Why is it so hard???? The sun shines on us every day, it comes down here […]

Turning Waste into Electricity in Suzhou, People’s Republic of China

China’s rapid growth has led to an 8% – 10% annual increase in municipal solid waste making China the world’s second-largest generator of solid waste producing 220 million tons annually. Treating solid waste has become a challenge for many cities. Everydyay, Xinlin Bao and her two co-workers clean the historic Shantung street one of the […]

Focus Fusion Direct Conversion to Electricity