Melting Copper and Aluminum into Bars and Rounds – Devil Forge

I didn’t cover it in my last video but I wanna make sure everyone knows that I do preheat my molds and my tongs… just wanna make sure I pointed that on this video since I didn’t point it out in my last one once again we’ll let the borax do its thing to help […]


Chavant Le Beau Touche High Melt Clay

big beam Hi I’m Steve from Fibre Glast today we’re talking about the number 1121 Le Beau Touche HM modeling clay at Fibre Glast dot com the HM stands for high melt which means this clay handles ideally in higher temperatures from 90 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit this allows the clay to be firm at […]

Will Liquid Metal Cast in Clay?

Guys, Welcome back! I’m Nate with The King of Random and today we are going to try casting molten metal in clay. In the past, we have tried casting molten aluminum in a few different things We’ve used muffin tins. We’ve used plaster, and we’ve tried using sand. We’ve had mixed results with the sand. […]

“Los Visitantes” – Sketch

Yeah, dude, I´ve got it They say you can explore all the galaxies you want, every planet… … ant it has some kind of… of… “something” that creates all the alien lifeforms and planets randomly then you can see… damn… it´s crazy, dude -Greetings Human, we are the “underground people” -After thousand of years hiding […]

Exothermic Welding featuring Cadweld

hey I’m Josh with GME supply and in this video we’re going to show you how to properly ground cables using an exothermic welding kit from Cadweld Cadweld has become the go-to manufacturer of exothermic welding supplies for their safety reliability and kitting options in fact here at GME supply we’ve created a few Cadweld […]