Melted Crayon Christmas Ornaments – DIY – Craft Time with Ashley

My ornament is so pretty I can’t wait to put it on the Christmas tree. It’s going to look the best. Hi. My name is Ashley. Hi. My name is Justin. Welcome to Craft Time. We’re going to turn this into this. Have you ever wondered how you can like turn broken crayons like these […]

Lush How It’s Made: Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melt

(lively instrumental music) – Hey guys, I’m Dan and today on How It’s Made, we’re gonna be making Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melt and Evancory’s gonna be compounding. One of the cool things about Snow Angel is that it’s designed to make your bathtub look like a blanket of shimmering white snow. First we start […]

When Will the North Pole Melt?

When I think of Santa Claus, he’s at the North Pole surrounded by toys, elves, and reindeer. But what happens when global warming melts the North Pole? It could vanish sooner than you think Why does Santa live on the North Pole in the first place? The image can be traced back to a cartoon […]

Graham Kendrick – The Candle Song (Like a candle flame) from THE GIFT (MAKE WAY FOR CHRISTMAS)

Like a candle flame Flickering small in our darkness Uncreated light Shines through infant eyes God is with us, alleluia (Men) God is with us, alleluia (Women) Come to save us, alleluia (Men) Come to save us (Women) Alleluia! (All) Stars and angels sing Yet the earth sleeps in shadows Can this tiny spark Set […]

FLAMING A CHRISTMAS PUDDING – Flame a Christmas Pudding

hi and a big welcome to Steve’s kitchen I’ve got the Christmas hat on again it’s middle of September I must be crazy but one of my subscribers or one of the viewers here bread sandwich now they had a different name earlier in the year they’ve changed it to bread sandwich well it’s a […]

Melt in your mouth! Nut Horn Cookies

for the dough we’re going to use one cup of butter two tablespoons of sugar and eight ounces of cream cheese I’m just going to bring that together it’s gonna scrape it down and make sure the butter is in there with the cream cheese this is 2 cups of flour it’s gonna scrape it […]

Solar Lantern Torch Flame?(Hang, Stake or Tabletop) Ollivage Lights ?

welcome back to the channel today I have some new LED solar lanterns these are from Ollivage and I’m going to open the box and show you what’s inside so each box contains two solar lanterns and at the top you get the space right here it also does come with clips so you can […]


so what I want to talk about is the Chicago electric flux welder it’s 125 amp I picked this one up at Harbor Freight I got it on sale for $89.99 you know 90 bucks and I just bought it to do some basic bodywork on this 1987 Jeep Comanche that I’ve got now I […]