The History of Lowbrow Customs

[music] Tyler Malinky: When Kyle and I were young, our mother, in particularly didn’t want us riding motorized vehicles. I mean like no mini bikes, or three wheelers. Kyle: No. Yes. Tyler: Anything like that. Kyle: Go karts. [laughs] Tyler: Nothing. Of course we did like over friends houses and that kind of stuff. We’ll […]


Well really the first thing you need to do Is to actually identify where your spot welds are And I’m kind of lucky here I’ve got one that’s kind of showing up You can see the little divot Right there at the tip of my finger And really the best way to find them Is […]

Kingdom of Kicks (Sailor Jerry Ride 2016 pre-ride teaser)

My name is James Jordon and the team that is going on the Sailor Jerry Ride is Kingdom of Kicks Last year I was approached to build a bike for Sailor Jerry and do the Ride and I seem to have done a good enough job to be asked again So we’re doing the Ride […]

Custom Painted Hydro Dipped Helmet

hey everyone welcome to another episode of custom spray mods now in this video i’m going to paint some helmets so I’ve got these helmets from if you ever want anything bang good think of something,goto search for it they’ve got it you can buy anything from there helmets electronic clothing shoes anything […]