How to Update Software on Your Miller Engine-Driven Welder

The other question that I frequently get is about software updates. So we’re constantly taking feedback from our customers. And periodically we’ll release a new version of software. Now we put our software out on our Miller website, so you go to, and near the top of the page, there’ll be a support bar. […]

Fuel Efficient Welding Equipment Keeps Noise Down

When you strike an arc on most machines, immediately the engine drive goes into full run mode. With the TrailBlazer, one I thing like about the Auto-Speed what it does is it just, it just runs the speed it needs to run in order to get the parameters you need. With the Auto-Speed technology, it […]

Pipeline Welding Requires a Durable Machine

I’m a Local 798 Pipeline Welder and we travel all over the country building pipelines. Generally, we have two to three days to get there, sometimes a little longer depending on the distance of the job. And if you’re gonna drive 2,000 miles, when you get there, you need a welding machine that’s gonna work. […]