20. Physics | Electric Flux | Electric Field due to a Large Uniformly Charged Metal Sheet

let us discuss, the electric field strength due to a large uniformally charged metal sheet. here we’re talking about a metal sheet because in the previous section, we’ve studied the electric field due to a non conducting sheet. and as we know in case of a metal body, charges are mutually repelled and appear only […]

The rainbow flame demonstration

So, the summer beard is ready for a trim, it looks like September’s just around the corner, so it’s time for our next Education in Chemistry. And this month we’re going to be visiting a demonstration that has caused some life-changing injuries in the US and has even had some calls for it to be […]

Online Chemistry Lecture – Relative Melting Point

Oh, hi. Up on this board I’ve gone ahead and compartmentalized some compounds. What we have on the far left are the inert gases, group 18s, such as helium neon, and argon. You can look at a periodic table and see that these are the inert gases. I’ve got molecules listed, which are a combination […]

Beauty Edu: It’s melting! Strange Hair Gel Trick

Thought I’d do a really quick experiment today. As I mentioned in my Polyacrylate video, hair gels are hydrogels, which are network of long polymer chains that can attract and store large volumes of water. This is caused by water molecules that are attracted to the polymer and stick to it, forming a gel. A […]

Fire and Flame 17 – Striking a Match in Hydrogen

We should try and strike a match inside a really big balloon of hydrogen. That would be good. Okay. My technicians don’t agree with me on this one. They think it’s a really stupid thing to do and they get very nervous every time. But let’s give this a go. So in the bag here, […]

Why Does Salt Melt Ice? | SCI CODE

[Coma Niddy] Snow can be fun, but it can also be dangerous if you can slip and fall on ice. But by using Salt we melt Ice with the magic of science. [Narrated] You’re watching SCI CODE! [Coma Niddy] Ice and Water are the same thing, H2O. But one is a liquid and the other […]

Dancing flames – aluminium and the reactivity series

So, it’s been a while since we’ve burnt anything here at Exhibition Chemistry, time to rectify that. Yes this month we’re going to be returning to the home of all the best things that go bang, pop and whizz and that’s of course the reactivity series. So this demonstration is going to be showing something […]

Melting and Freezing

Years back when the King wanted to have a cool drink, he would order his servants to go to the hill top and get ice for him. The servants would bring back big blocks of ice, but by the time the these reached the King, only a small piece would be left and if the […]

Flame Test 05

this demonstration here’s a little bit more exciting version of the flame test lab or demo that’s normally done. What I’m doing here, I’m pouring methyl alcohol across several different well plates containing different metal salts, in what my students call a bartending look here, but what I’ve done is I’ve pour the alcohol across […]