Analysis of Iron by Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry

Analysis of iron by atomic absorption spectrophotometry In this experiment, the iron content in a children’s multivitamin will be analyzed using atomic absorption spectrophotometry (AAS), and compared to the quantity stated on the package label. The label on a bottle of children’s multivitamins lists the amount of iron present, but can you believe the label? […]

Make Iron Oxide (for Thermite)

Warning: The electrolysis method in this video produces hydrogen gas, perform either outside, in well-ventilated area, or in an electrolysis box. Ferric chloride is corrosive, wear gloves when handling it. Greetings fellow nerds. I’ve gotten a lot of requests for this so in this video we’re going to make iron oxide for use in the […]

Welding… with Class

[MUSIC PLAYING] Fusion welding is an incredibly important industrial process for joining materials. It’s used to build everything from chairs to skyscrapers. At its core it’s a really simple process. You bring two pieces of metal close together. You heat them up until they melt and fuse. And then you cool them, so that they […]

Season 1, Episode 1: Why don’t fish get electrocuted by lightning?

You know that swimmning in water during a lightning storm is a bad idea. You might get electrocuted. So why don’t all of the fish in the water also get zapped? Here to answer this question is Professor Gerald Audette. Okay, we’ve all heard that swimming outdoors during a thunder or lightning storm is a […]