Is Covering Korean Pork Ribs in Melted Mozzarella a Good Idea? — K-Town

– This Korean chain of over 200 locations has opened their first spot here in North America. And what they do is they take these gorgeous baby back pork ribs, they slather them with gochujang, and then they cover each individual rib with melty mozzarella cheese. Looks kind of crazy and insane, and I can’t […]

Sosej Secsi Fi | Bwyd Epic Chris II

You can’t have a cookout without a hotdog So I’m here at the butchers in Llanrug they’ve won many awards for their sausages And I’m going to try and make one myself! Yo! How are you? I’m buzzing! I’m ready to make these sausages! Ready? I have my own blend Some Sexy Rub Sausage Mix! […]

Use This Fruit to Clean a Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink | Rachael Ray Show

How Cast Iron Pans Are Made — How to Make It

– I’ve used cast iron pans my whole life both in and out of professional kitchens. And it turns out, I don’t know how they’re made. We are here to meet Alisa, who’s is going to show me start to finish how to make a cast iron pan. So we’re in front of the furnace. […]

Do You Need a Dumpling Maker for Perfect Dumplings? — The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

– Welcome back to Kitchen Gadgets, my name is Esther Choi, and today, we are testing the dumpling maker. I’m very interested to see how this could beat my 30 years of dumpling-making skills. My mom would say to me, ugly dumpling, ugly baby. So I worked on my dumpling skills right after that. Now […]

Cast iron cookware sets make comeback as preferred kitchen cooking utensils

hello manager all that was created a sweetie lands on cast-iron pots and pans and while you might take it for sisters of glory topic it’s really about my mother had a big black frying pan now left already know we’ve got of the teflon and there’s a problem with teflon itself lakeside fence you […]

Ridiculously Easy Ways to Make Money From Home | Rachael Ray Show

So my next guest, she’s here to show us how to binge sell, how to make money with things while we’re sitting on the sofa. She’s got a really cute moniker. She’s known as the “gift card granny.” She doesn’t look like no granny to me. This is Trae Bodge. (audience applause) Thank you. The […]