Стол с эффектом бесконечности .


Làm Cái Bàn Siêu To Cho Việc Tự Chế Dễ Dàng Hơn Tập 1 | DIY Welding Table Build Part 1

Prepare according to the instructions I have used mig welding Hold the frame before welding Remember to wear protection when grinding Use eto to hold the foot Welding 4 wheels Please subscribe channel. thanks

Scientists Can Implant Fake Memories in the Brain, Here’s How

Human memory is unreliable enough as it is, but researchers interested in better understanding how and where our memories are stored are developing new ways to manipulate them. The search for memory “engrams,” a collection of identifiable neurons that physically represent a memory, has occupied scientists for over a hundred years. Turns out, memory is […]

Halo 2 – 2° Spot TV (Teaser VOST)

We ran from them. They followed. We thought they’d never find us. We were wrong. I will continue my campaign against the humans ! No enemy has ever withstood our might. Chief, we’re running out of time. I need a weapon. — Friendlies moving out, covering fire ! — We’ve got Jackals in the courtyard […]

Bacon and Eggs Pan Pie

[Music] how to poke me a plan and brisket stop a barbecue pit boys calm today we’re grilling up some bacon and egg pan pie at the pit and it’s real easy to do alright we’ve got a few pounds of bacon here and we’ll grill them up because we’re going to need them for […]

MTD YardMan Lawnmower Restoration with Stainless Steel Body Honda Engine

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