Where are the Mascots of the Lillehammer 1994 Winter Olympics Today? | Flame Catchers

I went from going to school every day and playing like a normal ten-year-old, to doing all sorts of things like being on TV or radio. We were part of the medal ceremony, gave Gold and Silver to another Norwegian. It was just miraculous. (FLAME CATCHERS) (LILLEHAMMER 1994 MASCOTS) (OLYMPIC WINTER GAMES LILLEHAMMER 1994) Part […]

How this young Climber combines university & YOG2018 | Youth Olympic Games

I basically love climbing so much that I want to do it every day. I think that is where I differ from all the other climbers, I like it so much that I don’t want to take any time off. My name is Mao Nakamura. I do sport climbing. The thing that I find most […]

The canoe champion who builds his own rowing machines | Original Fuel

(3RD PLACE U23 MEN’S 200M CANOE SPRINT)(WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS SZEGED 2014)(3RD PLACE MEN’S C-1200M CANOE SINGLE)(WORLD CUP DUISBURG 2016)(5TH PLACE MEN’S C-1200M OLYMPIC GAMES RIO 2016)(ORIGINAL FUEL)(ZAZA NADIRADZE – CANOE – GEORGIA)In this city, there have always been the rowers,because there is a lot of waterand there used to be large facilitiesand there were boats, and […]

How to test your Electricity Generator’s AVR, Brushes and Alternator on a Brushed Alternator

Hi. I’m Styles from Generator Guru. And today, I’m going to teach you how to test your AVR and your alternator. Quite often what happens with these generators, Chinese ones especially, like these, is suddenly one day you go get your generator out of your shed, and it won’t produce any power. Engine is running […]