Flowmaster Scavenger Series Elite Headers Stainless Steel Ceramic Coating

Flowmaster, the exhaust technology company, is proud to introduce our new Scavenger Series Elite headers. Engineered to provide maximum horsepower and torque gains, Flowmaster headers are also built for long life and good looks under the hood. Our line of premium headers feature 3/8 inch laser cut flanges for a positive seal, 16 gauge T409 […]

▶ NEW 2018 Rolex Deepsea, Black Ceramic, 44mm, Stainless Steel Oyster, Diver’s Watch REVIEW – 126660

Hey guys, this is Kevin from JazTime.com JazTime.com is an online store that buys, sells, trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so that our customers can easily choose the best watch for themselves in the comforts of their own home. We offer the lowest prices anywhere online and if you’d like to know […]

The Best Stainless Steel Watch Band For Samsung Gear S3

Hi guys this is Tech Zilla back again with a quick review this is my favorite strap so far for the samsung gear s3 frontier watch I picked this up for around 10 pounds its not any brand its a generic type of make but i will leave links in description below if you want […]

How to Fix Broken Pottery : Kintsugi : DIY

Hey, everyone. So a little while ago my little hellraiser Uni ended up knocking d own a piece of pottery that I owned. It was given to me by a friend in college. He actually made it. We were in ceramics class together and if any of you have seen my thrift haul videos you […]

Lasers enable engineers to weld ceramics, no furnace required

Engineers at the University of California have developed a new ceramic welding technology that can help to achieve Smartphones that don’t scratch or shatter, Metal-free pacemakers, and Electronics for space and other harsh environments. Their new process uses an ultrafast pulsed laser to melt ceramic materials along the interface and fuse them together. It works […]

Welding – TIG Welder Replacement Parts & Consumables Kit from Eastwood

Eastwood presents, the TIG Consumables Kit inside is everything you need to keep your TIG welder ready to go with over 50% in savings over buying individual parts it can be used with any WP-17 TIG torch it all comes in handy storage case for inside your tool box the kit includes four ceramic nozzles […]

How To Powder Coat Glass – Great for Projects & Decorations – Eastwood

powder coatings for more than car parts and today we decided to test a few methods of powder coating glass powder coating needs a conductor to attract the powder which is why it works so well on metal glass is an insulator not a conductor in an attempt to trick the powder and sticking to […]