Concrete Pump Hose Whips, Killing Worker

I’m Aaron Feldman, Investigations Officer with WorkSafeBC. Inside the pipeline of a concrete pumper, air can get trapped and compress to hundreds of pounds per square inch of pressure. The release of this air can cause the hose to suddenly whip. Here, that cost one worker his life. Two workers had just completed a porch […]

Proper Technique for Gluing PVC Joints (Solvent Cement)

Making a proper glue joint is simple if you follow these few steps. First you make sure you remove all the burrs from the pipe that you’re going to be gluing. The next step is using the proper size dauber. They recommend using half the diameter of the PVC pipe that you’re going to be […]

Small Outdoor Table Made With Concrete

Hey guys Chelsea here from Making Manzanita and today we’re gonna be showing you how to make a DIY concrete side table. All we needed was one bag of concrete for this. First you just mix it up in a bucket and add water. We wanted the top of the concrete table to be about […]

HH-66 Vinyl Cement – Using Underwater

This video is brought to you by Sailrite. In this video we will demonstrate using HH-66 Vinyl Cement underwater. We’re going to use some clear vinyl from Sailrite this is a 20 gauge Plastipane, but other vinyl products could be used also as long as they do not have a protective coating applied to the […]

How to build a Gas Furnace – Melting Gold and Silver (DIY)

Hi everybody, In this video I’ll show you a small gas fired furnace that I’ve built with relatively cheap and easy to find materials. Warning, Operating a gas furnace and handling molten metals can be extremely dangerous and might result in a serious injury or even death. Beside the obvious fire risk, a gas furnace […]