IVP Farrowing Floor (Cast Iron and Plastic Creep Slat Swine Floor System)

This is Double L’s plastic / cast flooring combination. It sets on top of a 5″ fiberglass beam, giving it tremendous strength. The beams are supported with plastic end supports to eliminate beam rollover. The plastic creep is made from high strength polypropylene. This is warm for the little pig, keeping it dry and comfortable. […]

How to Bake Cast Iron Cornbread – No Stick Tips Baking in Cast Iron

cast iron cornbread how to bake cornbread in cast iron how to make cast iron baking non stick no stick tips to baking in cast iron parchment paper lining for cast iron baking hi it’s AlaskaGranny are you concerned with how to bake in cast iron baking in cast iron because you are afraid things […]

Salvaged Radiator | Cast Iron Radiator | Reclaimed Cast Iron Radiator | eBay Listing

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Cast iron cookware sets make comeback as preferred kitchen cooking utensils

hello manager all that was created a sweetie lands on cast-iron pots and pans and while you might take it for sisters of glory topic it’s really about my mother had a big black frying pan now left already know we’ve got of the teflon and there’s a problem with teflon itself lakeside fence you […]

Can You Melt Obsidian and Cast a Sword?

Over the past few months I’ve been working on this video as a follow-up to user comments on a previous video on if it’s possible to cast obsidian. This proved to be a major challenge that took six attempts, broke multiple crucibles and two different kilns. But I didn’t want to stop until I finally […]

Making a Rail Anvil Stand

The rail gets traced here to establish a template The outline is cut using a bandsaw The template fits over the rail in both directions Strips of 1/2″ plywood are cut on the table saw Plywood squares are cut The template is used to trace the outline onto each square Holes are drilled to help […]

How to Use the Jeweller’s Micro-Flame Butane Torch

Go to Beadaholique.com for all of your beading supplies needs! Hi. This is Julie with Beadaholique.com. Today we’re going to do a product demo of the Mirco-Flame Torch. This is great for using in various jewelry projects including resin making when you want to get the bubbles out, soldering, jewelry casting wax working, metal sculpting […]