Vintage Formula Style Go Kart Build (Part1) Tubular Frame

Starting point Plans and drawings Bottom frame Welding tubes together to get matching pair 5cm up from rear Front angles up also Then it also narrows from midle to front Making some kind of fixture table Parallel lines 5cm riser blocks Temporary support Making it square and welding to table Bending top of the frame […]

DIY mig welding cart | Tự làm xe đẩy MÁY HÀN thật tiện và gọn gàng các bác à

We should cherish this life Iron cutting Please subscribe channel. thanks The results are amazing

Mobile-Shop | Capacity Cart

hi I’m Angela mazzella with the mobile shop company and i’m here to introduce you to the capacity cart over the past 10 years of being in business we’ve developed a number of different cards from our HT engineering cart the PM cart and the SD express cart we now have one for the industrial […]

DIY lawn mower trailer / garden cart

So we’re working on our lawn cart we’re making it about a 3 by 5. Sorry we didn’t have anything of the cutting, grinding, and prep but nobody wants to see that anyway it takes too long. So now we’re starting out with just the bottom frame got it all squared and tacked up. And […]

DIY utility trailer – sides and ramps for cargo

okay hello and welcome to another episode of BigRredFishDad YouTube channel. Today we were going to get some bass road base for some of the holes down there that wash out in the rain on the hill and we decided you know that the dirt gets caught in the in between these angling arms here […]

I want a new welder!!!

well here’s a little update first there’s that cute little dog Toto okay there’s a little red hello hello so yesterday I was girl excited I’m gonna trade my chainsaw that I picked up for 75 bucks a MIG pack a pro Meg 140 Lincoln Pro Meg 140 and the reason I really wanted it […]

Keep Your MIG & TIG Welder on One Cart- Professional Welding Cart + NEW PRODUCT REVEAL! Eastwood!!

oh hey didn’t see you there Randy here in East garage and today we decided to come live to you because we’re shooting a new video for our contour SE t you guys have seen the promos on this thing it’s absolutely amazing the countdown has begun it will come out the end of sep […]