Making a Writing Desk Part 2- Woodworking How To

Train To Be: Carpenter

What does it take to get a job in carpentry? It takes getting to know how to use a tape measure. My name is Michael and I’m studying carpentry at Job Corps. No matter what type of carpentry they get into, you always start with a tape measure. All right, guys, the tape measure. This […]

Using the Festool MFT/3 Table | City Floor Supply

Hi, Joe Glavin with City Floor Supply. I’m carrying the MFT/3 Table here. I just want to go over some of the versatility of this table. As you can see, it has regular legs. We discussed that before and it sits up about waist high. But one of the ingenious things Festool has done, again, […]

How to Make an Outdoor Jungle Gym

Do not go on that swing because its just a decoration Yet the kids always gravitate to that swing Bring your own medical kit That’s what we’re doing this weekend…building the kids play area I’m Andrew. I’m Kevin Welcome to Brojects! To take advantage of the outdoors our playground is going to have a slackline, […]

Career & Technical Education Programs​

I chose Saint Paul College because I spoke with our instructor and he was offering exactly what I was looking for. I was looking to learn from the ground up. I wanted something more tangible, hands-on where at the end of the day I could say my hands are dirty but I can reach out […]