Port of Long Beach 2017 Celebrating Women in Trade Luncheon

A terminal operations manager, an environmental scientist and a maritime university student were just three of the five women on a panel that encouraged Long Beach young women to explore careers in the shipping industry at the 7th Annual Women in Trade Luncheon, hosted by the Port of Long Beach. Women tend to think that […]

Terry Iverson Speaks at the Heavy Metal Presentation

MATC’s Center for energy conservation and advanced manufacturing, invites high school students to visit for the heavy metal tour. The tour emphasizes the need for skilled workers in the manufacturing industry. The students start off by listening to a presentation. Being aware of that skills gap, manufacturing companies, such as Crohn’s, give their time to […]

CCC&TI Welding and Career Connections

(soft music) Narrator- Thanks to recent funding from the federal Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Improvement act, Coldwell Community College and Technical Institute has responded to local manufacturers’ growing need for skilled workers, particularly in the field of welding and fabricating. To help fill those workforce needs, CCC&TI has upgraded the welding lab […]

West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company–WBSEDCL,Engineering Jobs,Careers,GATE,Eligibility

Hello All..This is Manju Thomas from Freshersworld.com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the jobs and careers of West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Limited – WBSEDCL It was initially the West Bengal state electricity board or WBSEB which was the electricity board owned by the […]

Director’s Cut: Electricity Episode | Weirdest, Bestest, Truest

[Music] hey guys Charlie here to talk a little weird but true behind the scenes for the electricity episode in this episode Kirby and I are crafting an HQ when all of the sudden the lights go out so we have to find a way to keep the lights on through this storm electricity the […]

TCC2WORK – Welding

TCC graduates have exciting careers in fields like… Welding. It means a lot to me to be able to build things and put in the quality of the work and craftsmanship to make it look as perfect as I can. Careers start here. You’re next.

Behind the Iron – Meet Jamila Chardonnens

So I started in the Geneva office 6 years ago. In the graduate program. And I was lucky to get in an assignment in Dubai quite soon after that and I stayed for 2 years in Dubai. It was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed it fully. And now I am back in Geneva in […]

Advanced Manufacturing: Assembly

LERINE: I graduated from high school. I had 9 years of manufacturing experience from a previous job where I came from and recently moved to Florida about a year and half ago. I got lucky enough to get a job at Lockheed Martin. CARL: So I’m a manufacturing assembler and from the beginning to the […]

Epic Jobs 2018 – Video #2

(upbeat music) – The main reason of this event is showcase all the careers available in the trades and apprenticeships. We have businesses from all over the municipalities within the Grand Erie region, Haldimand, Norfolk, Brant County, and the city of Brantford. – It’s been a very good opportunity to explain to the students what […]

Hands-on Training for Today’s DOIN’

This is a story about DOERS country, and jobs, jump-starts and genealogy. This is Bo Hampson. His family’s been here forever. My great-grandparents my grandparents my dad and I was born here. Huh? Those are some deep roots. Now, Bo might have been the first to have to leave. Till I got a jump start. […]