Welding and Metal Fabrication

♪ Hey, I’m Bob Schnitzer, I’m the welding instructor here at Ulster BOCES, and I teach a variety of processes, stick, TIG, oxy-acetylene, MIG, and plasma cutting. They’re all instructed in the classroom throughout the year. There’s certifications available, American Welding Society, New York State DOT, students can get this certification right here in the […]

CAREERS IN AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING – B.Tech,M.Tech,Campus Drives,Salary Package,Top Recruiters

Hello All..This is Manju from Freshersworld.com Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career options in B.E/B.Tech Automobile BTech refers to bachelors of technology. BE/B Tech Automobile is a graduate degree which deals with the functioning, maintenance, safety, designing, assembling and testing of the automobiles and […]

COC Career Education – Welding

If you like building things, you like working with your hands, you like being creative, you like being around a team and oriented environment, a career in welding is definitely something you want to consider. Because there’s no other career out there right now that is in such high demand, that pays as well as […]

Marine Fabricator – Try it for 5

Just follow up on the extra shot and the transom and see whether that’s required or not. Yep. And then basically the rest of the shots will be made up of the shots down the front of the vessel – 65 and 68 here. No worries, Brad. I’ll get right onto it. That’d be great. […]

USM @ Work: General Dynamics Bath Iron Works

At USM it’s a very integrated program that prepared me for my job here. Classes such as circuits, electromechanical energy conversion, power systems and a lot of the critical thinking and lab work that you do in those classes, I think that it’s not unlike anything you might do here as an electrical engineer here […]

Loram – Laborer

♪ It’s gonna be a life changer, it was for me. If I could look back and know that Loram was here, I’d probably have came to work for Loram sooner. As long as you come to work and you work hard, you’ll go places. I like to start my laborers out on maintenance. You’re […]

Maintenance and Repair Workers, General Career Video

It takes a broad set of skills and knowledge to maintain buildings, including the ability to troubleshoot mechanical problems when they come up. General maintenance and repair workers employ those skills to fix and maintain machines, mechanical equipment, and buildings. They may repair roofs and floors, paint woodwork and walls, and fix other parts of […]

Stainless Steel Fabricator – Try it for 5

G’day. My name is Steve Buchanan. I’m a stainless steel fabricator here at Evolution Yachts. This is a catamaran, so two hulls or if it’s monohull, they will build a hull. It’s like a floating hotel so you’ve got all the different trades – plumbers, pipe welders. You’ve got chippies going in there putting timber […]

L&T-Recruitment Notification 2017– Civil Jobs, Mechanical jobs, GATE, Exam Dates, results

Hello all this is Deepika from Freshersworld.com welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers today i am bringing the methods in which you can apply for L&T “Larsen and Toubro is a manufacturing, technology, finance and engineering service provider for global operations. The Larsen and Toubro jobs are available for both freshers and […]

Welding Technical Diploma Program | Gateway Technical College

I like working with my hands I like working with tools and I think the future the oldest I to finding work I love it the teachers are very knowledgeable they’ve got a lot of experience in a variety of different worlds everything from pipe fitting to building airplanes they teach you the basics that […]