Career and Technical Education Teachers Career Video

Being a teacher doesn’t always mean working in a classroom… career and technical education teachers can also instruct students in workshops, fields and kitchens. Career and technical education teachers teach students practical subjects to prepare them for a future career in fields such as auto repair, agriculture, healthcare fields, or culinary arts. Like all teachers, […]

Welding Machine Company Bonds Taft College Welding Students with Skills Training | Find It. Be It

Miller Electric makes welding machines for the welding industry. I’m on the Advisory Committee for the Welding Department at Taft College. i’m on the Advisory Committee to help them decide what is the best equipment to use, the most current welding equipment, and the best practices. I went to Community College and I took a […]

COC Career Education – Welding

If you like building things, you like working with your hands, you like being creative, you like being around a team and oriented environment, a career in welding is definitely something you want to consider. Because there’s no other career out there right now that is in such high demand, that pays as well as […]

Mission: Success | Welding & Fabrication

I first heard about this program, and it was something different. It was sort of out of my comfort zone and I was willing to step out of my comfort zone. So what we do here is we develop all the basic skills, all the welding: MIG, TIG, stick. At first it was rough but, […]

Welding Programs Drive Students into Big Oilfield Jobs at West Hills-Coalinga | Find It. Be It.

(Music Plays) I have a friend that teaches at the high school here, and he had been through a lot of the programs, here and he recommended that I take the Welding program. He knew the instructor, I knew the instructor a little bit, and really liked what I saw. So, I decided to come […]

Welding Students Fast Track To In-Demand Careers in Six Months at Merced College | Find It. Be It.

(Music Playing) I’m studying Welding Technology, so I’ll be, after I complete the program, be certified in SMAW, GMAW, GPAW. I did a lot of welding in high school, and I liked it. I was on the Welding Team and we came to a competition here actually, and the facility is really nice. Everything’s new […]