CNC Die Shop Machinist – Career Connections – WOSU

♪ (man) My job at Hirschvogel is I’m responsible for making dies and various tools in our die shop. A die is a negative mold. Parts are formed inside of these tools. One example would be a pinion shaft in a car, which is a component of the transmission or of a rear end that […]

Welding – Careers in Focus – Career Connections – WGTE

♪ I’m Zachary Kulwicki. I am a welder and fabricator. A welder gets to play with fire and electricity a lot. On the most grandiose scale, it’s pretty much shooting bottled lightning into a volcano. There are three different forms of welding. MIG welding, which is metal inert gas. that’s for most production welding. You […]

Weld Shop Supervisor – Career Connections – WOSU

♪ (man) Komar Industries manufactures heavy duty shredding equipment, and they process waste material. They process medical, hazardous waste. We can supply systems that you only have to handle it off of the truck and onto a conveyor, and then it processes itself until it feeds through the machine and is ready for waste disposal […]