Carbon Nanotubes Might Be the Secret Boost Solar Energy Has Been Looking For

Solar panels are an incredible innovation in energy tech, but they’re way less efficient than they could be, because they have a problem: heat. Specifically, waste heat, or energy that’s lost while converting the sun’s energy into electricity. But a new technology—made possible by carbon nanotubes—may be just the thing that brings solar panels into […]

HOW TO MAKE KIMCHI? ( : VINATech got the answer[Subtitles]

Now ready for Kimchi making Stretching before long hours of Kimchi making Set the tables to make Kimchi Set the tables to make Kimchi Set the tables to make Kimchi Just like making supercapacitor Just like making supercapacitor Prepare ourselves Prepare ourselves Ready? Ready? Prepare ourselves Ready? Get, Set, Go! Go VINATech Show me the […]

The Four Types of Steel (Part 2: Carbon Steel) | Metal Supermarkets

Hi and welcome to Metal Supermarkets, the Convenience Stores for Metal. I’m Jason Jackson, Operations and Development Manager. In our last video blog we reviewed the various categories and classifications of Steel along with the AISI and SAE numbering systems used to identify the different grades. Remember, a helpful way to remember the four types […]

‘Diamond-age’ of power generation as nuclear batteries developed

Since the 1940s, the UK has run many nuclear reactors, for research, military purposes and electricity generation. These reactors use uranium as fuel, housed inside of a core made of graphite blocks. This graphite core assists in the nuclear fission process, enabling a controllable chain reaction which provides a constant source of heat. This heat […]

Not all the energy is the same : simplified comparison of electricity and natural gas

Hello everyone. In many of my videos I have talked about how there is the difference between mechanical energy, electrical energy and thermal energy, even though they can be measured with the same units of Joules or kilowatt-hours or any energy unit But I never really explained this difference. So let’s try to introduce this […]

Where to find free carbon electrodes, zinc and manganese dioxide

Hello Youtubers, welcome to my fifth video on Youtube and today I would like to show you, where to find free Carbon electrodes, Zinc and Manganese dioxide. All those interesting things can be found in zinc-carbon battery, commonly known as a �cheap battery�. Before the main autopsy of the battery, we should tell something about […]

Electrode-Specification and Features of Electrode E-7018X|

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How Not to Put Out a Metal Fire – with Steve Mould

[Music and laughter] This is amazing, you get this pulsating of the reaction. My name is Steve Mould, I’ve got my own YouTube channel where I make science videos. Some of them are dangerous and if they are then I assess the risks. It’s an important part of my job. But sometimes you find out […]

How Close Are We to Zero-Emissions Electricity?

We’ve all heard the statements and stats about the ominous timeline our planet is on. To avoid the worst effects of climate change––from natural disasters to mass extinction––we know that we need to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. And fast. And when we stop literally lighting things on fire to power our world, we can […]