How To: Undercarriage Detailing – Chemical Guys Ford Mustang GT SN95 Car Care

Undercarriage detailing: everybody always asks how it’s done, and how to get the best looking undercarriage. That’s fender liners, undercarriages, and anywhere under the vehicle you want cleaned up. I brought a Mustang out here, it’s been to a few track days, the undercarriage is real dirty, we’re gonna pull those wheels off, give the […]

How to SUPER CLEAN Your Car (Best Clean Possible)

Hey guys, ChrisFix here! And today, I’m gonna show how to super clean your car or truck. This video is gonna be jam-packed with car cleaning tips and tricks, and it’s gonna be the ultimate guide to cleaning your car. And this super clean process works on any car, or truck, and what we’re gonna […]

Hot Dawg Heater

Typically we’re looking at three to four hours for a basic installation. In this particular case, we’ve got cement trusses, so what we’re gonna do is figure out the angle we’re gonna wanna hang this unit. We’ve got a unistrut product we’re gonna be bolting with cement anchors up to this concrete truss. Now, we’re […]