Melting Me Softly » Friends [Ma Dong Chan & Ko Mi Ran]

Hey, stop acting up. If you keep acting up, I might just… start liking you. Who is that punk? Is my normal body temperature… 31.5 degrees Celsius after the experiment? The Critical point is 33 degrees Celsius. Do you mean… we could die? I just hope your temperatures won’t rise. I’m sorry. We can’t get […]

Life Without Electricity: Surayati’s Story

My name is Surayati Soh. I’m 19 years old. I live in Kampung Terubing. I live here with my family. There’s my uncle, father, mother, and siblings. My mother asked my father to look for a land for us to farm. My whole family moved here to farm. In the morning we travel to the […]

和楽器バンド / 千本桜

Thousand cherry blossoms covered by night I can’t hear your voice Indigo sky faraway Shoot it with the ray gun Dauntless high collar revolution Broadminded, nation of antiwar Drive two-wheeler made in Japan Cast away the evil spirit, ICBM Run through the belt highway, constantly on the move oh so what Boys & girls samurai […]