SalesHandy Mail Merge with automated followups

Hello & Welcome to SalesHandy!! My name is James & I am knowledge producer here at SalesHandy. In this video, I will show you how you can use mail merge to send personalized email campaigns with automated follow-ups with SalesHandy. First, Open your Saleshandy app and click on “Email Campaign”. Click on “New Campaign” to […]

Combining Bhakthi and Karma Yoga – Sadhguru

Sadhguru: Isn’t all mixed up? Generally your bhakti is karma, isn’t it? (Laughs) Isn’t it so? How can you separate them? – I am asking. Questioner: No it’s not separate actually. When we are practicing karma, we are totally dedicating into that. Sadhguru: It doesn’t matter. Can you commit yourself to something without your emotion […]

How to Merge Layers with a pinch in Procreate

In this video we’ll look at how to merge two or more layers using a simple pinch gesture. Opening the Layers menu, we can scroll up to see that the elements of the main character have spread across multiple layers. We can merge all of the foreground layers that make up the character by pinching […]

How to resolve git conflict or git merge issue using Intellij

Biggest problem we face when multiple peoples are working on same project is merge conflict. If same file is edited by 2 people or more we get merge conflict and we need to resolve the conflict before pushing the code to github So in todays tutorial we will see how to best resolve merge conflict […]

Merging Cells in Numbers (#1450)

Let’s take a look at merging cells in Numbers. So here I have a typical Numbers spreadsheet starting off fresh. Let’s zoom in a little bit so we can see the cells clearer. Each cell takes up one space. But we can merge two cells together by selecting both of them. So I’m going to […]

Git & GitHub: Merging

So, back to kind of the GitHub workflow. You create a branch, you make commits, you have a conversation, and maybe add some more commits. What about when it’s time to bring your changes back into master branch? That’s when you merge your branch. Now, there’s a couple different ways to do it. In the […]

Simultaneously Edit Sheet Metal In 2D and 3D with BricsCAD Mechanical

In some cases, modifications on sheet metal models can be quite difficult and not evident. The associative mode of sheet metal unfolding can help. In this mode, you can see folded and unfolded representations of your model. Two windows can be placed side-by-side. They have bi-directional associativity. Switching to the sheet metal features, changes the […]

1. Physics | Current Electricity | Resistance of a Conductor with Varying Cross-Section | (GA)

here in this illustration, we’ll discuss about the resistance of a conductor with varying cross section. here you can see the figure shows a conductor of length l. and having a cross section which is varying. and, the radius of cross section varies linearly from, radius ay to b. and the resistivity of material given […]

Electricity comes back in Barrio Maulap | Starla Recap (With Eng Subs)

Who owns these anyway? Teresa owned them when she was still a kid. Oh. Okay. Oh! I like this one! It looks good! I’ll get changed now. Wait, Starla. I’ll go out first. Lena, I won’t get up if you don’t tell me what I should do to be your boyfriend. Fine. Do you see […]