The Glaciers Are Melting – What Does It Mean For Iceland?

Iceland’s glaciers are melting. We asked four experts to help us understand what it all means. “We now lose about 40km² annually, which is quite a remarkable area…” … we can expect very serious consequences from our disruption of the climate.” – Tómas Jóhannensson, geophysicist “When you drill into the ice, you can get information…” […]

Joint Pain Causes & Treatment | Physiotherapy Treatment for Joint Pain | Dr. Narender Reddy

hello viewers welcome to our channel to day Dr. G Narender Reddy is with us senior physiotherapist hello Doctor Pleasure Having your Program Hi viewers I’m Dr. G Narender Reddy Senior physiotherapist Working with Apollo Hospital hi there would have branch more than 10 years doctor nowadays everyone are suffering with joint pains so what […]

French Toast Tuna Fish Melt Recipe

Hello and welcome back to the show where we teach you how make everything so delicious. Today we have french toast tuna melt rec– You can tune a piano. But you cannot tune a fish. Heh-heh Okay. Here we go. First add tuna fish to bowl. Add lots of mayonnaise. Then add lots of spices […]

Getting started: Sens-X | In-fuse Vehicle Current Measurement System

Hello, I’m Claire Shaw. I’m here today to introduce Sens-X, our in-fuse vehicle current measurement system. I’m going to show you how easy it is to set up a Sens-X system in order to measure currents from fuse points across a vehicle lab car. In a later video, we’ll look at configuring, logging, and analyzing […]

🛑 No More Fuses or Relays! | ECUMaster PMU [TECH NUGGET]

– It’s safe to say that fuses and relays may be becoming a thing of the past. Often we see technology from professional level motorsport start to filter down and become more accessible to us in the hobbyist and semi professional motorsport market. One of those technologies is solid state power management units. These replace […]

How to use Fiberglass Mesh Tap – For Drywall joints and corners – Part 1 – Install FibaTape

So I am using this 2 sanding blocks before (I install the Mesh Tap) And I actually using it moving (the sanding blocks) around (the area) To see if everything (where the tap should be) is smooth, because it should be smooth. So I just let you know that you really have to remove all […]

How to Build a Swivel Joint Assembly

Hi I’m Kristin Vogt, Product Marketing Manager at Edmund Optics. One of the key features of the TECHSPEC cage system is angular flexibilty. A swivel joint assembly can be used to add 180° of continous angular rotation to your system. Today I am going to show you how to build this assembly. First, here’s all […]

Advanced Features: Sens-X | In-fuse Vehicle Current Measurement System

Hello my name is Claire Shaw and I’m here today to introduce Sens-x our in-fuse vehicle measurement system in this video I’ll be demonstrating some of the more advanced features of Sens-x such as configuring logging and analysing current measurements having shown how simple it is to setup Sens-x system and take some initial measurements […]

Fixed, Spring, Hinge, Character & Configurable Joint explained – Unity Tutorial

In this video we will talk about all unity joins, so we will talk about fixed joint spring joints hinge joints character joints and configurable joints Yes we’re talking about all of them and you can find the time codes in the Descriptions so that you can skip all the parts. You don’t need at […]

Novade Testimonial – Colas Rail (EN | FR CC)

Colas Rail, we undertake the detailed design, procurement, building, testing and commissioning, and maintenance of the railway system. Traditionally, the construction industry is mostly relying on the team to collect all the data generated by a project, analyse it, and act upon it. All of this is done with paperwork and verbal communication with little […]