How We Refill 1lb Propane, Flame King Refillable Cylinder Kit Review [Long Term Boondocking 6 2019]

Flame King cylinder refill kit review and our small propane cylinder refill method (upbeat music) (generator motor) this looked like a great idea! I thought, cool! It’s got a little stand on it…it’s got it’s own…it’s got a little spigot there… But! What they don’t tell you, and I thought was not very awesome, was […]

Faire joint d’etancheité baie fenetre camping car

HOW TO SEAL BAY CAMPING CAR Hello so today we’re going to replace a seal or bay window camper in 1 disassemble the window here is a 2005 model other models where you have screws hidden by white hoods which removed using a sharp nail in that system, the screws are behind the flexible seal […]

Matchbook Fuse Igniter

Whats up guys! We are back and today we’re gonna try and experiment making a pull tab, pyrotechnic. Now I found an US army handbook on Amazon and as I started flipping through it I found a cool tutorial on how to make a fuse igniter from a book of matches. The idea being that […]

Flames Creed 2 vs Naturehike Mongar ¿Casi Iguales?

what a beautiful afternoon I was missing a nice Sunset good morning good afternoon again good afternoon im liking this beautiful afternoons bringing some stuff brought the 3F ones, as it is bigger just a thought dont run away I mention a tought and some where thinking of leaving this society is Capitalist we are […]

How to melt the plastic sheets together – the easy way to melt

How to melt the plastic sheets together – the easy way to melt

Mountain Hardwear Bozeman Flame Sleeping Bag

Utilizing reliable, synthetic insulation, the Mountain Hardwear Bozeman Flame Sleeping Bag is perfect for campers and backpackers who are looking for a budget friendly sleep-ing bag that is cut to be a little bit more roomy and a little bit longer than your traditional mummy sleeping bag. Now this is a mummy style sleeping bag […]

How to Cook flame grilled 4 course meals Bush style

(gun shots echoing) – Here’s my modern day tinder box. In a plastic nalgene container. Inside, I keep a few fire lighters, wrapped in foil. The foil also helps when you’re starting a fire and you need something to reflect the heat off. Here’s one of the flammable cubes that go inside. If the flame […]

Snow Peak Mini Flame Camping Laterne/Kerze – Testbericht Gear Review

Hey Guys today i want to show you my new gadget that i always take with me now. Here i have the Mini Flame Lantern from Snow Peak and what this small gadget do i will show you in the video now. So have fun. The Mini flame from Snow Peak is delivered in a […]

How to Melt Snow for Drinking Water | Surviving in the Wild

Cody: If you find yourself in a survival situation, one of your critical concerns and top priorities is going to be finding a source of clean drinking water. The following survival skill that we’ll be demonstrating is how to build and construct a V snow vessel and a V snow vessel is a split log […]