How to Melt Snow for Drinking Water | Surviving in the Wild

Cody: If you find yourself in a survival situation, one of your critical concerns and top priorities is going to be finding a source of clean drinking water. The following survival skill that we’ll be demonstrating is how to build and construct a V snow vessel and a V snow vessel is a split log […]

Make a Pattern Welded Knife from Scrap Metal Can & box Cutter Blades

scrap cans Sandpaper # 60 Box Cutter Blades Acetone Surface cleaning Cutter Blade + scrap can + Cutter Blade + scrap can + …… Center, STC3 (tool steel) 79 layer welding Borax (flux) About 2,552 ° F (1400 ° C) or more Borax (flux) Annealing Korean cabbage harvest Sanding # 40 Sandpaper # 100 Dies […]

Chopsticks: Chinese VS. Japanese VS. Korean

Hey guys! What’s up? It’s Mike Chen! Today let’s talk about something that most Asians use every single day: chopsticks. Now, chopsticks are super useful. You can use it to eat, obviously, or you can also use it to keep your hair up, you can cook with it, and they’re super convenient because you can […]

Darche 310 Stainless Steel Folding BBQ Fire Pit

– Hey, guys, Chris from Tentworld Tweed Heads here today, with this shiny guy’s new flat-pack Darche fryer for you. And it’s a three-piece kit, comes with your heat guard, for the ground, so you don’t damage any grass. The actual pit itself. And you do have this adjustment grill that you can put on […]

Metal Detecting And Camping On The River: Part One

We’re off on another adventure We are in the heart of gold country a lot of gold mines all around these hills where I’m at And the Civil War battles were fought right here too and there’s camps nearby Probably so there’s a chance we could find some Civil War stuff, but we’re going to […]

A2 Tool Steel and 440C Stainless Steel Plate for Laser Cutting Knife Blanks

Finally got the two steel plates in for cutting my blanks. The larger plate is A2 tool steel and the smaller plate is 440C stainless steel. I will take these over later this week to the cnc laser to have them cut. I am going to cut BK Neck Knives from the A2 tool steel […]

Cutit FOX KNIVES Black Fox Dipprasad – Full tang survival knife (FOX-BF-711); 440C Stainless Steel

A knife that I like a lot is coming from Italy, from FOX KNIVES cutlery. Fox Knives has many “divisions”. The knife I’m showing you today bleongs to Black Fox series (or division). Black Fox series and the knife’s name is Dipprasad. This is the box it’s coming in… …a nice box… And the knife […]

Ask Jase: Camp Oven Cooking, Bush Mechanics & Gearboxes► All 4 Adventure TV

Oh there we go. There’s some questions. Well I guess you know what time it is. It’s time to Ask Jase. How youse goin’. I’ve got a whole pile of questions here, because they just keep flooding in which is great. Keep them coming in. Okay so let’s start off with our Ask Jase segment. […]

Cooking beef stew in a cast iron camp oven and how-to guide for vacuum sealing food

hey guys and welcome to earth based kitchen in this video I’m going to show you how to make a very basic stew and show you the process I use to vacuum seal, freeze and reheat my meals so I’ve got easy access to good food while i’m camping. while I love using the camp […]