Laser Sight – Black Ops 2 Attachment Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the third episode of my Black Ops 2 Attachment Guide. In this episode we’re covering the Laser Sight. Essentially just a visual representation of Steady Aim, in the original perk form the hipfire-tightening effect was first introduced in COD4. With Black Ops 2, we see the replacement of […]

FHJ-18 AA – Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide

Hello, this is XboxAhoy and this is the sixteenth episode of my Black Ops 2 Weapon Guide. This time, we’re covering the FHJ-18 AA. A fictional weapon that occupies a pure anti-air role, the FHJ is a futuristic equivalent to the Strela-3 or Stinger launchers seen in previous games. The FHJ is a futuristic Chinese […]

Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid – part 1

I was part of an elite unit. Codename: Infinity War. We worked for ActivistSun, the world’s largest private military company. It was supposed to be a standard mission. Get in. Get out. Get paid. But ActivistSun has other plans. (flashback sounds – Ghost’s unit calling for air support) (flashback sounds – ActivistSun ordering the pilots […]