MW3 30-8 Arkaden | Type 95 Gameplay

Whats up Gamers? I’m Wolverine and welcome to an MW3 Arkaden TDM gameplay. My loadout for this one was, a Type 95 with Red Dot as my primary and a SMAW Launcher as my secondary. My Tac was a Scrambler & my Lethal was Semtex. The perks were Sleight Of Hand, Quick Draw & Stalker. […]


This video features a great Call Of Duty player tsunami33. You will see gameplay with the following weapons, PP90M1, ACR 6.8, UMP45, G36C, RPG, SCAR-L, Grenade, SMAW, Striker, MP7 & MP5. The following Killstreaks, UAV, I.M.S., Attack Helicopter, Predator Missile, Assault Drone and finally you will see tsunami33 bring the rain with the AC130. I’ve […]

MW3 32-8 Seatown | UMP45 Gameplay

What’s up everyone, I’m Wolverine and welcome to an MW3 Seatown TDM gameplay. As you can see from the video I started the game late. My loadout for this match was, a UMP45 with Rapid Fire, a SMAW for secondary, a Concussion Grenade for Tactical & Semtex for Lethal. The perks were Scavenger, Quick Draw […]

Call of Duty & Battlefield – Hip Fire and Shotguns

[into music] Hi I’m Time Itself, in this video we’re going to take a close look at how hip fire works in Call of Duty and Battlefield. How the basic mechanics are very similar but differences in the engines and game design give each series it’s own flavor. Then we’ll get into shotguns, the random […]