N-CASS, 容易做电极造模(Make electrode modeling easy)

The next is the semiautomatic electrode modeling function. When the stage of modeling, everything happens, molding company concentrates on this modeling function. So I will introduce 3 methods help them. At first, making box function. It is ‘Create’ function of NX, you will need if you want the electronic electrode fast. It helps you to […]

TopSolid’Mold: Design Your Electrodes

Now that we’re done designing our mold It is time to manufacture it using TopSolid’Electrode. The first thing that we are going to do is load a copy of our core block into our electrode document. But at the same time, we are going to ask it to deactivate all of the drillings for our […]

The Fabricating Center

(relaxing music) – What we are is primarily an industrial machine shop, so we’re a job shop, so where we really shine is low-run and prototypes and that sort of stuff. – We do engineering, designing, so we have multiple services that we can offer. We love doing interesting jobs. We like taking on the […]