How to Combine Text Lines + Replace Missing Fonts in Illustrator | VectorFirstAid

A common problem when loading PDFs or artwork files, even Illustrator files from external sources is that certain fonts may be missing. I’m going to close this standard Adobe dialogue and am going to first of all go to the VectorFirstAid panel to fix all known issues in this PDF. This will help clarify the […]

Dimension Line Merge Enhancements in ARCHICAD

This video presents how to merge Linear Dimensions dimensioning Arc Lengths. In previous versions of ARCHICAD it was possible to merge Linear Dimension Lines using either CONTROL or COMMAND–click… or a Pet Palette command. In ARCHICAD 19 it is now possible to merge Linear Dimensions dimensioning Arc Lengths as well. The command works on Dimension […]

Open Collaboration in ARCHICAD – Merge ArchiCAD project into existing IFC files

It is now possible to merge ArchiCAD Project data into an existing IFC file without affecting the already existing Engineering IFC data. This feature can be useful coordinating workflows where the IFC file contains full reference projects. If we take a simple ArchiCAD file of four Walls and save it as an IFC file, this […]

ARCHICAD’s Intelligent connections – Merging the trimming bodies of roofs and shells

By default every Roof and Shell has its own Trimming Body. When any connection is made between any two Roof or Shell, no matter what part remains, their trimming bodies are merged and will act as one unified trimming body in all subsequent operation. The Trimming Body is now displayed as one unit instead of […]

Simultaneously Edit Sheet Metal In 2D and 3D with BricsCAD Mechanical

In some cases, modifications on sheet metal models can be quite difficult and not evident. The associative mode of sheet metal unfolding can help. In this mode, you can see folded and unfolded representations of your model. Two windows can be placed side-by-side. They have bi-directional associativity. Switching to the sheet metal features, changes the […]

Parametrizing sheet metal parts – BricsCAD Mechanical

Sheet metal for BricsCAD adds new design intelligence by automatically placing 3D constraints within your model as you work. The result: better dimensional control over your designs with the automated creation of these constraints. This part is created in SolidWorks. With the communicator add-on you can report it to BricsCAD and convert it the sheet […]

SMARTElectrode – How to redefine operation origin?

Hello! Today I will show you how to redefine the zero-point in SMARTElectrode interactively. This enhancement is available from Version The burnsheet shows all chosen parameters including their position. If the zero-point shall be changed, this can be done in the operation definition user interface or in Creo Parametric directly. The new coordinate system […]

SMARTElectrode – How to use burnsheet notification?

Hello, I want to show you one of the improvements in SMARTElectrode 12. In the new release, we further improved the display and processing of notifications. These can be analyzed more closely in the burnsheet user interface and corrected if necessary. The software differentiates between errors, warnings and information. In most cases, information describes the […]

ZW3D 2019 – Optimized Electrode Tools

Optimized electrode tools In the new version, electrode can be created by shape or assembly mode. Users can preset some factors for electrode, such as round rule or drawing format. And the electrode drawing layout is more reasonable. Let’s create the electrode Bank for this electrode. In the electrode blind configuration, users can decide to […]

TopSolid’Mold: Design Your Electrodes

Now that we’re done designing our mold It is time to manufacture it using TopSolid’Electrode. The first thing that we are going to do is load a copy of our core block into our electrode document. But at the same time, we are going to ask it to deactivate all of the drillings for our […]